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Through advances in technology and engineering design, such electric fail-safe actuator may be available for wide range of more critical applications, eliminating the need for battery backup technology, providing a maintenance-free operation and much cleaner environment.

The inventive design utilizes a state of the art linear actuator, where disclosed design incorporate an inventive holding device with its triggering mechanism. It is essential to notice, that the actuating force of the spring is converted into torque loads by backdriving of a non self-locking threaded engagement means and thus the power provided by holding device for locking the spring in energized state is evidently smaller than the power provided by the energized spring.

Furthermore, an electro-mechanical holding device, which holds the spring in an energized state is preferably fed by a direct current from capacitor of integrated electronics and therefore the holding device does not consume power to withhold the energy provided by the spring for fail-safe actuation.

The fact is, that disclosed actuator is ideal for application where an air supply is not available, or the cost of running an air line is deemed too expensive. It can be understood, that the main advantage of this true electric spring return concept is fast fail-safe actuation, which is comparable with best hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

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