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X-Standable Lighting System is a Portable & Collapsible Lighting System for both Outdoor & Indoor usage.

X-Standable is a portable and collapsible structure invention.
1) X-Standable is design to extent vertically upwards while the base extent horizontally for stability hence:
- great vertical height
- adjustable vertical height
2) X-Standable uses both fulcrum & pulley during extension hence
- heavy load can be easily lifted-up vertically
XStandable on a large scale is ideal for many usage such as
1) Tower - Communication, Broadcast & etc ..
2) Mast - Aerial - Photography, Radio & etc ..
3) Outdoor Signboard
4) Portable Light Pole
5) etc
XStandable on a smaller scale is ideal for many usage such as
1) Flat Panel TVs, Computers, Notebooks, Tablet & etc
2) Banner Stand
3) Floor lamp
4) Projector Screen Stand
5) etc

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