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Here is the idea !
Patent U.S.6,986,186 and Canadian 2,537,570.
At present, the exterior surfaces
of high-rise building windows
must be accessed for cleaning
through the use of scaffolds or
bosunchairs. Such devices can not
be used during periods of
inclement weather and can also
be fairly dangerous during even
calm, sunny days.
30% of the work of cleaning
windows in United States is
refused per year and the market
size about 30 billion $ per year.
There is a race at the moment in
the world who will be doing the
best invention solution for
cleaning windows for commercial
building. Imagine your selves! On
your sofa and look your windows
clean themselves. Eh! Yes, only
by pressing on your switch on/
off or a remote control. Whether
it is for a building, a skyscraper,
an airport, a signboard (banner)
of freeway and I pass some
example... We found a solution
which reduces a considerable
number of accidents, time and
money. I invented one automatic
window-washing; In 10 seconds
your windows shine with
cleanliness. For commercial building.
Contact us if
Cordially Stephane Dube Inventor.


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