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Small stain removing machine for sale.
Used it is effective on oil stains and other difficult stains in less
than 2 minutes.
It is a revolutionary technology.
Patent pending:
Currently looking for partners, buyers or investor.
Pat. pend. UE: WO/2008/152168
• Pat. pend. EEUU: US2010139332 (A1)
• Obtained Spain: U200701282
Obtained U200701282
On the link below you can see some of the results on a stain of used
oil by applying our machine removing stain on a napkin, we show how the
small circle gets clean within 2 minutes, and later introducing the
napkin in the washing machine, we can see how our new technology able wAS
to clean better than a traditional washing machine.
Developed for manufacturers of small appliances you wish to start a
different line of production and exclusive.


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