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Pro Passer is a unique training aid that teaches anyone how to throw a "Perfect Spiral" pass when throwing a football.Pro Passer's unique design allows anyone who has the desire to learn how to correctly throw a football the ability to do so.Pro Passer is designed for kids,moms,fathers,grandfathers to use as a Fun way to teach kids how to correctly throw the "Perfect Pass".Pro Passer has been endorsed by former NFL coach Larry Pasquale as a training aid for kids and anyone wishing to be able to throw the "Perfect Spiral".Pro Passer is fun to use and can be used by anyone wishing to learn how to throw a great football pass.
Due to size of file we are unable to post pictures on this site.If you would like more information and see pics of Pro Passer please contact inventor either by telephone or email.To view Pro Passer on you tube please type in the search box Pitch it to the PROS.

US Patent # 5,570,882


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