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the Carven rotary motion device improves the usual features of a cylinder-piston rod-crankshaft scheme for many kinds of applications in internal combustion, hydraulic or pneumatic engines and other devices as compressors, actuators, etc…

This invention main feature is producing rotary motion from a pressure fluid or vice versa, achieved with only two moving parts in a fixed cylinder.

Due to it’s special shape, allows more compact engines and they remain scalable to meet the power and torque requirements of each application.

Construction rests on a fix cylinder with a fixed separation segment placed on the inside upper part. Hosted on the main shaft, a moving separation segment shaped as a half moon. Both segments divide the main chamber into two parts, the working chamber and the exhaust chamber.

The moving segment allows a change in orientation reffered to the fixed segment that separates the intake and exhaust. Through its particular movement, it allows to pass from one side to the other of the fixed separation in each revolution. Thus, it is not necessary the standard reciprocating movement of the conventional pistons.

In each revolution, the previous exhaust phase overlaps with the next work phase cycle so the actual working phase per revolution is nearly all the rotation of the shaft loosing only a small dead angle at the top.


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