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The object of the invention is to provide a biometric parameters protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device wherein information storage within the device is secured with personal biometrics information. In addition, the communication path between any computer platform (with computer serial bus host) and the information stored in the device is via a computer serial bus clienVhost interface such as USB, FireWire (IEEE1394) or anything serially connected from a computer. An aspect of the present invention is to provide a biometrics protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device, comprising: an embedded fingerprint biometrics processing unit and sensor, wherein the sensor can be either any of the capacitive or electric field sensing devices; - a flash memory or flash memories which is a storage device and is able to store data and information, with any storage capacity; - a micro-controller and data processing unit which is a device responsible for interfacing with the embedded fingerprint processing unit, the host computer system and the memory storage, and being a gateway for data to store/retrieve in/from the flash memory with biometric information protection; - a built in proprietary data encryption scheme for data and information safe keeping within the memory storage; and - a proprietary enrollment scheme for biometric fingerprint enrollment. With the proliferation of computers and computer networks into all aspects of business and daily life - financial, medical, education, government, and communications - the concern over secure data access is growing. One method of providing security from unauthorized access to data is the use of personal biometric data instead of passwords to gain access to the data. Unlike passwords, personal biometric data is unique and cannot be stolen or reproduced, hence only the person authorised to view the data can do so. The present invention utilises a proprietary data encryption scheme wherein the data stored in the biometric parameters protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device is protected by a personal fingerprint biometrics key and the data can be accessed only when the authorised fingerprint is being inputted into the fingerprint biometrics processing unit. Yet another object of the present invention is to a biometrics parameters protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device, which is an easy to use portable miniature data storage device with high storage capacity. The present invention is small in size and is capable of storing huge files such as accounting data files, CAD files, huge presentation files, multimedia files.

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