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Emergency rescue device for passengers is applicable to all models of airplanes. Placed in fuselage the device separates it into upper and lower parts, along a horizontal line (Fig. 1.2). Power parts of fuselage (mainly main frames) are separated along a horizontal line (top level of windows). Locks-hinges are fastened in place of the separation. The upper element of lock-hinge enters with cylindrical part in the middle cut of cylindrical part of lower element. Locks are jointed by pins, rigid on a circular rope (Fig. 5.6). Lower elements of hinges are provided with openings for the rope passage at their general release (Fig. 5.9). A circular rope in tail part of fuselage is fastened in the tightening device of the upper separating part of fuselage (Fig. 4.10). Rope’s supporting journal is fastened in the lower part of fuselage at the distance no less then length of blocking pin (Fig. 4.11). A circular rope in the upper part of fuselage is set on the supporting arc of power drive of command-apparatus (Fig. 4.12). At the emergency release a brake parachute fastened to the fore-part of rope separates upper part of fuselage by aerodynamic stream (Fig. 2.3). Passenger seats are separated along the vertical line. Hard lower parts are fastened to the deck passenger salon. The separated parts are made as easy box-type chairs. Fore-parts when function, are closed by protective shutter (Fig. 7.8). Flexible tractions of protective shutters are connected by tearing ropes with the separating part of fuselage. A rescue parachutes are placed in the head-rests of passenger seats and elements of the passenger seats shell are supplied with the source of inflation. Rescue parachutes and passenger seats fixed attached for their alternating separation, starting with rear seat. The separated passenger seat is equipped a radio beacon.

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