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I am seeking HELP and Advice to take my Environmentally Friendly Recycling Invention called Recyclit to the Global Market. I Invented & Patented a Recycling and Waste Management system for Homes, The need it fulfils is for greater convenience in dealing with household waste streams & the reduction of waste to Landfill sites. Recyclit is a product that provides a simple and affordable solution to the dual problem of source separation of household waste, recyclables, and compost, and its hygienic disposal, without leaving the kitchen. Waste is sorted at the source in the kitchen, normally near the sink and disposed of through the wall directly to appropriate council waste receptacles. The Recyclit eliminates the requirement of in-kitchen waste bins, under bench bin cupboards, plastic rubbish bags, odours, and the dreary job of taking out the rubbish. Recyclit’s product range consists of a versatile range of "through-the-wall", “bench-top” or “in-cupboard” disposal systems that connects directly to council waste, recycling, and compost bins, or worm farms. Recyclit is very convenient and free to operate for the householder and encourages source separation of waste for recycling at the source. The stainless steel magnetic self-sealing door assembly in position forms an air lock between the receptacle and the kitchen. The venturi vents are designed to constantly extract odours from the receptacle and the system. The hood and a number of chutes are tailored to fit the waste disposal system of the local council or to suit the customer’s requirements either in residential, commercial or industrial applications. I have brought this idea from a Concept to Commercial reality, with self funded extensive trial sales in Australia and the US, years of Research and Development in the Recycling & Waste management fields. Recyclit management is of the view that the medium to long-term Australian market size is around 100,000 to 125,000 units per annum, valued at around $87 million dollars at the retail level. The USA market, to which there have already been sales, is estimated to be significantly larger than Australia. Using data from the USA Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), the medium to long term market size for Recyclit appears to be in the order of around 2.5 million units per annum (when using a similar methodology to above), which equates to a market size of over $1 billion. With the trial sales phase now completed I am ready with the right persons HELP to take this unique GREEN Business opportunity to the World. Looking for help and contacts in the,
Start-up, private equity, partnership, Joint Venture or Licensing Area's.

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