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Multi Condiment Dispensing Bottle
Multi Condiment Bottle Dispenser

Multi Condiment Dispensing Bottle

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The description of the idea/invention is a "Multi-Condiment dispensing bottle". The bottle would be a squeezable plastic condiment dispensing bottle. The bottle would be able to hold two condiments inside at one time. Such condiments are ketchup/mustard, rellish/barbecue sauce, salad dressing, mayonnaise, jelly, syrup, and more. The bottle itself would be 20 oz or more. It will have a semi circular shape to it and a rectangular bottom. The bottle will be divided in half or have a divider in the middle in order to separate the two condiments inside. The cap of the bottle would be either circular or square depending on the manufacturer standards. The cap will have two dispensing holes. Being able to open one side of the cap at a time in order to dispense each condiment at a time. It will also have an option to have both sides of the cap to open at one time in order to dispense both condiments at one time. The bottle will be able to stand on its cap as far as being designed that way according to manufaturing standards. The bottle itself will have an option of being redesigned in order to meet manufacturing standards. This product will be used in the food industry. Such as restuarants, household kitchens, barbecuing, camping, etc. This products will be able to save the customer time, space, and money. It will also give the customer an option to purchase more than one condiment to their desire at a better value. At this time the bottle is 'patent-pending'. It is currently being presented to Kraft, Heinz, Hellman's, Smuckers, Hunt's, Hersheys, and French's.
Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to doing business with you in the near future.