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The whipped cream flavorer is attached to a whipped cream can to add user selected flavoring to the whipped cream when it is dispensed. The flavoring can be in the form of any liquid including flavored syrups or alcohol such as irish creams or coffee flavored liquers.

The device is simple and is comprised of a holding canister adapted to be attached to a pressurized whipped cream can; an end cap attached to one end of the holding canister; a delivery tube inside the holding canister, the delivery tube adapted to receive whipped cream from the whipped cream can and deliver the whipped cream through an exit hole in the end cap at a second end; a hole in the delivery tube allowing whipped cream to flow into the holding canister; and a valve at the second end of the delivery tube. The flavoring is mixed with the whipped cream in the holding canister before it is dispensed.

Whipped cream is often used in desserts, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, and the like. Canned whipped cream is a convenient way to store and deliver whipped cream. If a user wishes to add a flavoring to their whipped cream, they must dispense the whipped cream first, add the flavoring, mix the flavoring into the whipped cream, and then dispense the flavored whipped cream.

With flavored whipped creams, if the user wishes a different flavor, they must purchase another can of whipped cream. If a user wishes to try different whipped cream flavors, they must have a different can for each flavor.

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