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Chain Reaction DNA is new POLICE APPROVED forensic deterrent to combat burglary, forced entry and other crimes committed at entry points around the home!

There are a few thoughts running through a burglars mind when they are committing offences! One of those thoughts being NOT getting caught!

Chain Reaction DNA is a new perimeter defense mechanism which we think will give a burglar more food for thought when committing their crimes.

We recognised that the certainty of being sprayed with traceable DNA would be seen by today’s villains as the ultimate deterrent because when they activate this unique door security device its embedded forensic trace technology links them to their crime scenes!

· CHAIN REACTION DNA intruder alarm is installed unobtrusively to the inside of a door and provides extra resistance to forced entry.

· If the door is forced open, either when locked or ajar on the chain, CHAIN REACTION DNA sounds a high decibel alarm to scare intruders away and to alert neighbours and passers-by.

· CHAIN REACTION DNA simultaneously sprays the intruder’s clothes and skin with an invisible UV BASED DNA TRACE forensic marker to which the unique code is registered by a professional locksmith to a home.

· POLICE can screen criminals through forensic examination, establish the unique DNA CODE found on clothes or skin and then track the criminal back to that home using the StranDNA installations data-base!

· CHAIN REACTION DNA gives the POLICE the ability to identify the individual marked as being responsible for the unlawful attempt on that home providing valuable forensic evidence which can be used in a court of law!

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