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To whom it may concern;

We have filed a provisional patent with USPTO for a highly innovative search engine. This is the next generation search engine and it offers significant advantages over all available similar and competing solutions.
We can prove that everyone in the world will be using this invention for his daily life, therefore, there is a huge market for it and its return on investment is far better than the ROI from other search engines.
Our idea will deliver the following benefits:
• It ends people’s confusions.
• People won’t need any other websites; this website is all they need.
• It gives access to the world of business and knowledge.
We are looking for investors or companies who can help us develop this idea. If you are interested to know more about our idea, or in case you know someone else who might be interested, please feel free to contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Foruzan Mehdiani

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