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The essential aspects of the clip-like implant for osteosynthesis according to the invention are that the clip-like implant has a C-shaped cross section, the first and second retainer web section enclose with the respective connection web section an angle between 75° and 90° and the free ends of the at least two retainer web sections are designed as inwardly directed points. Advantageously, the clip-like implant can be fixed in the respective bone fragment by means of simple surgical instruments, in particular by driving the free ends of the at least two retainer web sections designed as points into the two opposing bone fragments, to stabilize the latter after repositioning. Due to the significantly reduced dimensions of the clip-like implant as compared with conventional plate implants, several implants can be surgically inserted via one small surgical opening, for example, thus also enabling treatment of large-surface fractures. The clip-like implants according to the invention can be manufactured inexpensively and can be driven into the bone fragments to be stabilized using a considerably simplified surgical procedure. Especially advantageously, the stability of the fixation is increased by the fact that due to the C-shaped design of the clip-like implant according to the invention, the inwardly directed points at least partially grip behind the bone wall.

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