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Abstract: A set of apparatus that combine and analyze electronic signals from Hall Effect sensors, current transformer, Pyroelectric infrared sensor, ionization chamber smoke sensor, to determine the imminence of fire hazard. On determination of the imminence of fire the device turns OFF the power to the range after pausing and sounding an alarm long enough to allow the cook to intervene. The various electronic circuitry are provided with stored charge powers back up to retain memory during power failures. In addition to the above features the device has a Timer Mode Cooking' feature that can automate cooking and save up to 40% power. This device does not interfere with cooking if the situation is safe or the cooking is attended. The apparatus for carrying out the various functions include, a smoke sensor to measure smoke level, a motion sensor that detects horizontal motion in the near vicinity of the range, a Hall sensor that measures power consumption by stove (s), a current transformer that determines the lower cut off level of power consumption by the range, a solid state relay to control power supply to the range, electronic circuitry to process signals, a set of two piezoelectric alarms to alarm the hazard status and indicate actions, a set of LED lamps to indicate various situations and status and suitable en¬closure to accommodate the circuitry and sensing elements spread over four locations.

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