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Abstract of a patent regarding a new type of iron base plate

The problem to be solved with this invention is that ironing of clothes between buttons, lace, seams, etc. sometimes is difficult, because the base plate of the iron is far too large.
Per the invention for example the pointy front of the base plate is separated from the larger rest of the base plate and it can come out to a lower position than the base plate by means of a mechanism, for example by the force of a spring along a guide rail.
With the lowered and locked tip of the base plate it is easy to iron very small parts of clothes. When done with that part of the cloth the tip can be moved back into its original position on the level of the larger rest of the base plate and will get locked there so the entire surface of the base plate can be used for ironing larger areas without obstacles.

Legend for the figures:

1. base plate of the iron
2. separate tip of the base plate for small area ironing
3. guide rail for 2.
4. bearing for guide rail
5. separate part of the iron body for the separate tip (in this example it is used to push the tip back into the upper position)
6. pressure spring 12. mechanism for locking the guide rail in upper (13) or lower (15) position
14. pin for pressure spring
16. block for pressure spring on bearing for guide rail
17. block for pressure spring on guide rail
20. long hole
21. limit stop for guide rail

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