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The present invention relates to a method and a device to measure the circular dichroism exploiting a diffraction grating with proper polarization properties.
The grating generates first orders diffraction beams whose amplitudes are proportional to the left and right circular components of the incident light beam. We demonstrate that, exploiting this feature of the grating, the circular dichroism of any system can be easily evaluated measuring only the intensities of the first order diffracted beams, just locating the grating after the investigated system.

Pharmaceutical, biological , cosmetic , food and environmental sector.

-The method is based on the use of a single element, no other optical elements (prisms, mirrors, waveplates etc.) are required, implying low losses and reducing artefacts;
-No monochromator and phase sensitive detectors are required;
-No moving or modulated elements are present;
-No detection of the light beam intensity before the sample is needed since, exploiting the particular diffraction properties of the grating, the analysis is performed on the transmitted (diffracted) light beams;
-White linear polarized or rotating linear polarized or depolarized light can be used,
-The dispersive properties of the grating allow to perform real time measurements, since the signal at any wavelength is diffracted at different angles from the grating and can be revealed in parallel by a photodiode array or a CCD;
-The previous described properties allows to investigate dynamical processes;
-Complex and repetitive calibration procedure are not required;
-Small size , the device can be used for “in situ” measurements and integrated into in-line instruments;
-Compact device allow to made a portable version of the instrument;
-Reduction of the production costs.

Working prototype.

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