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Electro-optic tuneable filter consisting of a diffused channel waveguide on a borosilicate glass substrate with a cover of the same glass to form a gap filled with a holographic grating called POLICRYPS (POlymer LIquid CRYstal Polymer Slices). The grating is made of alternating stripes of polymer and liquid crystal. Coplanar electrodes on the waveguide substrate are used to electrically control the grating properties allowing for the filter tuneability.

Broad band telecommunications and sensing systems.The market sector is photonic components.

-Ultra-low value of electric power, in the range microwatts, required to drive the filter.
-Extremely simple and cheap technology used to fabricate the filter.
-The simplicity of the fabrication process can be easily implemented at industrial level for mass production

The use of low cost electro-optical materials which require low driving voltage and negligible current absorption hence the filter has low power consumption. Furthermore the fabrication is made of standard process steps to obtain a very low cost performing electro-optical component.

Working prototype.

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