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The Silver-Skin速 textile offers a unique combination of natural features and is based on entirely pure components, providing functionality in a new design and style. The Silver-Skin速 textile is based on the innovative combination of silver and cotton, as silver provides a number of outstanding natural properties:
High electrical conductivity
Excellent thermal conductivity
Strong optical reflectivity
Antibacterial protection

A number of studies have proven that due to the textiles natural properties, the SilverSkin速 products offer an outstanding combination of medical applications:

Treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
Prevention and treatment of allergies
Provides up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation protection
Antibacterial protection
Soothing and anti-itching effect
Electro smog protection
Ultimate factor of sun protection UPF 50+

Extra flat seams on the outside of the garment as well as labels on the outside ensure perfect wearing comfort without irritating the skin. On account of the high silver content this shirt has a calming effect on inflamed skin. The silver has an antibacterial effect and, hence, reduces skin itching (pruritus).

Medical product (CE standard)
75 % organic cotton (Oeco-tex standard 100)
25 % silver-coated polyamide yarn (100 % on the skin)
No nano-silver
Excellent wearing comfort
Outside seams, no side seams, no labels on the inside


75% pure cotton (ko-tex standard 100), 25% silver fiber (patent protected silver-coated polyamide core)
The material is a combination the finest cotton fibers, processed as high-tech threads to create a combination with the silver fibers. This accomplishment was a result of extensive functional and determinative research.
Along with its high protective properties, this new textile is also perfectly suitable for the everyday life, providing a previously unknown multi-functionality, protection and comfort

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