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Flat cable cord (0.4 mm thick rectangular cable with total cable length 100cm) is rolled up on a button sized cable reel from both sides with different length. 1/3 of the total cable length distance is between device and earphones and 2/3 of the cable length is between device and plug for mobile phones (3.5mm phone jack, for any smartphone). The device is therefore located on the upper chest during use.

In the centre-point of the cable reel where the cable is rolled up from both sides a microphone and a button to take/stop phone calls are placed. Thus, the cable is rolled up around the micro and the micro (respectively housing) is placed on the upper chest during use and is therefore in the ideal speaking position (distance earphones - housing/micro (upper chest) = 33 cm; distance phone jack - housing/micro (upper chest) = 67 cm).

Cable is rolled up synchronously from both sides with different length and different speed in an elegant way. The whole device has a diameter of 26mm and a height of 10mm and therefore looks like a button (fixed with a steel clip). The mechanism is patented (PCT) and the name Rollset trademark protected.

Rollset's main features:
- High quality in technique and design
- No radiation
- Handy and easy to use

Target audience:
Anybody – but mainly focussing on young, urban professionals and anybody who appreciates innovation, good design and quality.

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