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Seal SECURITY and TRACEABILITY  RFID-  Patent EEUU US595629A   BRASIL  PI 9900236-1A   Argentina AR013808B1  Pat Pend P060101167

Seal SECURITY and TRACEABILITY RFID- Patent EEUU US595629A BRASIL PI 9900236-1A Argentina AR013808B1 Pat Pend P060101167

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STEC owns Patents 5.915.629(USA), AR013808B1 (Argentina), PI9900236-1A (Brazil), Pat. AR052712B1 (26/06/2012)

This technology solution addresses two critical requirements in the processing of packages, luggage, cargo, parcels, containers and other goods in transit
Identify each package or container in a secure, simple and economical manner.
Secure the contents of each package or container in order to avoid unauthorized access to its contents

Current solutions: Separate solutions for both requirements have been available for a long time. Tags, stickers, bar codes, and even radio-frequency (RF) tags are used to identify goods in transit. Moreover, an ample variety of seals, tapes, shrinkable coatings, etc., are employed in an attempt to prevent the contents from being accessed.

For example, many cargo containers have non-removable
RF tags. This has become an established technology for identification and tracking of containerized cargo in transportation terminals. However, these tags do not
secure the contents of the container.

STEC seals provide a security fastening connection for use in diverse cargo, baggage, parcels, packaging environments to replace the current conventional means such as ropes, tapes etc, with an friendly installation mechanism without special tools requirements.
Regarding the identification means, a number of technologies may be used with STEC technology including:
Bar Codes
Radio-Frequency Identification tags (RFID+GPS)
Infra-red (IR) tags

Environment: For most applications of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology has several advantages. Moreover, if necessary several identification means may be simultaneously used on the same package (for instance, Bar Codes and RFID).
The implementation of this new technology requires the deployment of specialized infrastructure and software at each transportation terminal (airports, railway stations, etc.).
This includes identification terminals where packages are identified and secured, tag readers at the specified control points and a centralized information-processing centre. It must be remarked that modern transportation terminals have data networking infrastructure already installed (“intelligent building” concept) thus minimizing the requirements of modifications of existing buildings.
STEC adapts very well for its use jointly with X-ray scanners, provides easy and secure identification of the scanned items, and prevents any tampering with their contents.

STEC active seal:The active seal has the capability to interact with RF-ID devices such as STEC passive seals or standard RF-ID tags. It can also communicate with a Remote Control Unit
The device is fastened to an object in transit, a vehicle, a container, etc., in the same way as a passive seal. Can monitor and log the status of neighbouring STEC seals or other RF-ID elements and environmental conditions. The information may be relayed on demand.
STEC active seals contain a microprocessor, batteries, an RF-ID reader, a communications link and may even include sensors for environmental parameters.


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