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Service-Signer for Restaurants

Service-Signer for Restaurants

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This new advertising device has been developed for the catering and hospitality industry. The two sided device is supposed to be placed in the guest area where it can directly be used by all customers to show their current need of service. The red side shows that the guest wishes to be served or is ready to have his order taken. Turning the device to the green side, shows the waiting staff that no service is required and the guest has no further wishes.
The device also provides extra room for advertising. The colored lids can be opened easily on both sides to insert or change advertising seasonally. In addition, the device is equipped with embossed writing to help visually impaired guests to communicate in the same way.

The design has a sand glass shape and can be produced in different materials.

The target markets for this product are restaurants as well as all business in the catering and hospitality industry like hotels, bars, bistros, etc. It helps to increase guest satisfaction in a customer service driven industry. The guest can individually communicate with the waiting staff without having to interrupt a conversation or by using hand signs. The waiting staff on the other side knows exactly what the guest’s needs are by either showing the green or the red side of the device.

Advertising is a common topic in the catering and hospitality industry. The usual branding can be found on napkins, glasses, coasters or other stand-up displays on the tables. The Original Service-Signer for Restaurant can replace any of them by combining the service aspect with the high advertising demand of some suppliers. All advertising can be seasonally adjusted and changed as required.

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