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The “Dog Walker” is a new device to collect dog waste. Through rotation the excrements are carried directly in a container. This means that the invention is very hygienic, because one has no contact with the excrements.

The dog is man's best friend. But unfortunately dogs are not always preparing joy – the problem with the dog excrements is the most unpleasant. In the wake of the growing dog ownership in cities and small towns, the mess problem on roadsides and in parks has become huge. Specially build bag dispenser or warning signs are only moderately well received. Many dog owners just leave the excrements of their pets behind.
On the other hand, many old people who have dogs have difficulty to bend over and collect the waste.

The new "Dog Walker" permits a simple and hygienic removal of dog waste and contributes to the improvement of “land mines” on sidewalks and in parks.
The “Dog Walker” is operated electrically, which means that without effort and without contact the dog waste can be transported into a container. To operate the “Dog Walker” the user barely has to bend down, so especially for older people this device could be a great relief.

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