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Autonomous system of photovoltaic energy production
Autonomous system of photovoltaic energy production

Autonomous system of photovoltaic energy production

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Patente Española – nº 200802074
Fecha de concesión: 15 de Abril de 2011.
Titular: Manuel José Baquero Menéndez.
Domicilio: Carangas
Localidad: Ponga
Comunidad: Asturias.

The autonomic system, (Autonomous means that this device does not require any external energy source, no sun, no moon, no connection to any conventional power source, generators and power grids). PV production is a clean and economical way to produce electricity.

Example of use:

In a house of 100 m / 2, fully electrified (hot water, heating, appliances, lighting, air conditioning, etc..) Eight 240 W photovoltaic panels, each producing 1296 Kw., A month, is enough energy to meet the needs of the house described in the example.

The Unit with all its elements, occupies an area of one meter square.

For small and medium industries in an area of 10 m / with 2 and panels of the same power, you will get 712 kW Per day.

Both at home, and in small and medium industry, the outlined production quantities are the maximum productivity you will get since the system is designed to produce the energy it consumes.

Putting his device into manufacturing and marketing, this system will greatly reduce energy consumption of fossil materials, non-renewable, in Spain and the rest of the European Union. Another advantage is the elimination of transport of energy (high voltage lines) and the expenses and inconvenience caused in our citys, because I consider it a waste, to transport energy that can be produced in place.

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