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With little modifications in Tower Crane Design and integration with latest technologies available with Elevators, Roller Coasters, we can use them in Public Transportation. With this project we can expect unlimited demand for all these products all over the world

Dated: 14-01-2012


P. Rama Linga Swamy,
Flat No.303, Sripada Mansion,
Gayatri Nagar, Opp. S.P.M.V.V.,
TIRUPATI – 517 503.
Ph: 9866481059,


The Head of Department,
Transportation Dept,
I I T Chennai,

Respected Sir,


I am submitting herewith a Project Report Abstract, (available) Technical Data for your kind consideration and favorable action please.

With the implementation of this Project;

 Traffic Jam problem can be solved forever,
 Time saver for all commuters,
 Fossil Fuel saver,
 Pollution control

can be possible by decentralization of Bus Stations for various locations/routes.

Basic Principle:- When one is having the capacity to ‘lift & carry’ the load up to 18 Tons to certain distance, it can ‘lift & carry’ the load up to 1 to 1.5 Tons, easily with more safety.

Kindly guide me in approaching concerned quarters for execution of this project.

Thanking you Sir,

Yours truly,


Encls:-Technical Data (Brochure) available in the market.


For example:-

There is a Corporate School situated in the City. It is imparting education from Play Class to X Class. Student strength is around 750. The School is working in a four floors building lavishly constructed & equipped. It has 10 School Buses, daily transporting the students from their Homes and School safely and comfortably.

By 09.00 a.m. Students are pouring-in. Buses picked-up the students from 15 km (last stop), reaching the school. Say, out of 750 Students Strength; 250 are residing around school area, and reaching school by walk, on two wheelers with their parents, Share-Autos, RTC Buses, etc. The remaining 500 students are using School Bus Service.

Evening 04.00 p.m. the same procedure will repeat, students reach their homes using different modes of transportation. All of them are using Roads, patiently crossing the traffic jams, using fossil fuel (petrol/diesel) consumption for their vehicles, etc.

Instead, if FLY CARS Project available, a lot of time for all them will be saved, traffic jam can be averted, and fuel can be saved to a large extent.

Presently, the students are reaching the school, by roads, reaching their class rooms in different floors, using stair-case/lifts.

In the FLY CARS Project, the top floor of the building will be used as boarding place for transportation, and hence there is no need to use roads, in the congested locality of the school. They will be moved out the School area and get down where ever necessary at far places, that too on the top floor complexes, come down to reach their Homes. In this case, the Bus Stations can be located in the outer areas from where they can move out, and thus traffic jam can be avoided, fuel can be saved.



Vijaya is housewife. Her husband Ramesh is a Bank Officer. Recently, he transferred to Tirupati Branch at K. T. Road. He took a flat in M R Palle area near his relations’ house and arranged furniture, etc for family set up. Vijaya reached Tirupati yesterday late night along with her husband from her native, Bangalore City. Morning by 09.00 a.m. Ramesh get ready and went to his work. Vijaya relaxed for a while after her kitchen & cleaning work. Now she wants to bring some fresh vegetables from the market.

She opened her laptop, an

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