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Software program that understands Natural language, understands the content of a written text, namely understands the meaning of a question and provides an answer to it. Understands the meaning of individual words, phrases and sentences. Designed to show understanding of Natural Language and help you practice your English (German). The answers to some of the questions you ask, you, perhaps, already know. It is possible that the software program has no answer to some of your questions.
One of the English versions of this program can display a picture with the answer. For example, if one asks "Where is France?", the program will say "In Europe" and display a map of Europe, or if one asks "What is a wasp?", the program will say "An insect" and display a picture of an insect.
One can construct an artificial brain, knowing the answers of all possible questions one may ask. Can be used for language learning, incorporated in portable devices, robots, etc. The program can provide information about tasks or places or items one often forgets about, if a "remember this answer" feature is added.
Runs on all versions of Windows, also on Windows 7 and Windows 64 Bit.
Other languages can be added in future.

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