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This artificial red cell does not have pathogen and blood type antigen, and can be stored at room temperatures for years. Safety and efficacy as a resuscitative fluid for hemorrhagic shock and prime fluid for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) are confirmed in preclinical studies. It is expected that the artificial red cell can be utilized temporally for improving storage condition of organ transplant. The artificial red cell is expected to supply oxygen at an appropriate temperature, like does erythrocyte, from the beginning of resection of an organ from a donor and during the transportation to a recipient in a remote hospital, and it can avoid ischemia reperfusion injury and cold-induced injury.

Features and Advantages:
* Encapsulates a concentrated Hb solution within a phospholipid vesicle
* Utilizable without worrying about infection and blood type mismatching
* Indicates high biocompatibility
* Storable for over years at room temperature
* Mass production available

Possible Applications:
* Perfusate for Organ Transplantation
* Prime fluid for ECMO
* Fluid resuscitation, fluid replacement

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