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A New Method For Fabricating Electrical Wire Bundles

A New Method For Fabricating Electrical Wire Bundles

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My invention is a new method & a board . which will replace the current method used for making wire looms & bundles installed in aircrafts & cars.
The new method uses one white board , instead of using a board for every wire harness. The idea is that instead of assigning a board for every harness with the actual length of wire drawn permanently on it.
The new method uses a graph paper for every harness & when needed to be done we just draw the shape from the graph paper on the board using a white board marker,and when completed we erase this drawing so that the board will be ready for the next harness.
This is very useful in aviation & automotive factories.Which will replace hundereds of old wooden boards,& will turn this process into an easier, faster & safer method.

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