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We are Tecno Sky Studio - Food Service Innovation Engineering, a well-established company based in Trieste, leader in the field of inventions and patents.

We are glad to give You the first-ever preview of our innovative patent “Suffi JET” (INTERNATIONAL PATENT PENDING), the perfect tray to serve food on your planes comfortably and neatly.

Many technical innovations have made planes safer, technologically more advanced and more comfortable.

Nevertheless the trays used on board to serve food and drinks are still not very functional and indeed quite old-fashioned in design.

The data obtained from a painstaking survey and years of researches we carried on with the cooperation of international airlines proved that 90% of passengers find it difficult to eat on planes because of the unstable food trays, bottles, cups and cutlery.

Similar surveys asked flight attendant to give their opinion about the functionality of trays in handing/collecting meals. They all agreed on the necessity of a better way to serve food.

Considering all the data collected, we realized a list of the most common defects of traditional trays and prepared a report on the advantages of our innovative Suffi JET trays.

We currently have a working prototype: all the surfaces are treated by a special LOTUS EFFECT paint (please see the attached files). We have found a new economical method for adding an antimicrobial treatment to with a silver infused coating. This approach ensures that the silver is localized on the tray surface where bacteria would grow – rather than encapsulated in the center of the tray where it is not useful. Spray coating is probably the easiest and most economical method.

With this method it is possible to wash the tray at a very low temperature (cold water without detergents), so it is a big saving of energy.

Please take note that our innovative tray could be useful also for hospitals where the hygiene is very important.

Should You be interested in our products and should You need further information about our Suffi JET Trays, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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