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Many abilities are highly attractive, especially artistic as well as sports skills. But under natural conditions, their acquisition is really hard work.

But learning psychology has a tool to make things easier: observational learning, a type of learning that happens as a result of observing the behaviour of another person – your Guiding Star.

The invention unlocks and amplifies the potential of observational learning:

Guiding Star allows applying observational learning in fields where this has been difficult or even impossible, like learning to play the piano.

Guiding Star includes technology that makes this type of learning even more efficient than under natural conditions, e.g. in the field of karate. The user can observe the model’s behaviour as well as his performance in an integrated way.

Technically speaking, in optimizing observational learning Guiding Star creates a spatiotemporal contiguity.

Commercial Application

Guiding Star can be applied to a large spectrum of artistic and sports skills. It opens up opportunities for two business areas:

If a model is physically present: the system consists of technical equipment.

If a model is not physically present: the system includes also audiovisual content presenting the model and its behaviour.

The technical realisation of Guiding Star ranges from home-based systems to high-end installations, e.g., in leisure parks.

Current Status

A patent application has been filed. The potential of Guiding Star is demonstrated by prototypes. The inventors offer licenses and opportunities for further development of this technology.

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