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The high interest in participating in artistic performances is evidenced by the success of Karaoke. Kunstwelt goes beyond by providing a genuine immersive experience.

The user becomes part of the artistic event: he feels singing and playing in a company, taking an integral part or role in the performance. Doing so, he is assisted by the presentation of a virtual role model that he can mimic.

Thus, even complete newcomers can start immediately. And Kunstwelt is not limited to single users; shared experiences in the context of multi-user applications are included.

Commercial Application

Unlike Karaoke, Kunstwelt is not restricted to singing. It can be applied to virtually all types of artistic performances, including stage, plays, and dance theater.

Kunstwelt opens up opportunities for two business areas:

Special technical equipment, ranging from home-based systems to sophisticated and high-end installations in dedicated areas.

Creation of content: again, the spectrum includes the consumer market as well as elaborate productions for, e.g., leisure parks.

The business fields are dynamically linked. E.g., the customers can get a first impression of the power of Kunstwelt using their standard equipment at home, subsequently investing in sophisticated hardware and content.

Current Status

A patent application has been filed. The potential of Kunstwelt is demonstrated by prototypes. The inventors offer licenses and opportunities for further development of this technology.

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