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The Increasing energy efficiency in the buildings, the reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the transition to a secure electricity - our invention is an elegant and modern solves of these pressing problems. The invention allows to use renewable solar energy almost in every house or apartment, and to produce the electricity for home needs. This invention can really to bring you good money!

The market of «green» technologies, their implementation and the sale is not yet sufficiently developed. Despite this, the share of «green» market is growing. Only in Europe for the last in 2011 the share increased by 40%! The many economic observers compared the growth «green» market with the time when the market of the computer technology grew with explosive rate, the growth that was able bring for the first investors of those days the untold riches. Matter who was first on this «green» market, depends all things.
The level of efficiency of solar panels went up in recent times with minor 9% efficiency up to significant 43% efficiency - this is a new result for the solar cells.
Based on many facts, was born the idea of ​​invention, "The blinds with the control mechanism, placed between the glasses frames with Double Glazing, with solar panels which fasten on the surface of the blinds in order to extract electricity".
A Picture of the invention with explanation:
The rays of sunlight (11), from the outside of the frame (1), penetrate through the glass (2) and fall on solar panels (4) which are fasten on horizontal lamella blinds (5) generate electricity. Depleted electricity (Ui) comes to energy storage (10). In this device the vertical metal rods (3) have openings that are hinged joint attached to the attachments of horizontal lamella blinds (5) thus when the vertical displacement of only one of them, the blinds could be opened or closed.
This camera is a standard Double Glazing (6) air or gas has a function of the casing. An airproof structure, it is reliably and at a great time protects the device and other mechanisms of getting foreign objects, as well as protects them from dust.
The invention has already passed the stage of search and publishing in the UK, and according to search results at that stage, has no analogues in the UK.
Furthermore, we plan to register a trademark. Moreover, we have the secret Know How for this invention, which will give the strong and long-term competitive advantage.
Was created the working model of the principle. This model works better than expected: it generates the electricity, not only under direct sunlight, it can generate electricity, under ordinary desk lamp inside the house. This means it will be indispensable in a cloudy climate of the Great Britain.
This invention is an elegant and modern solution of the following urgent problems:
- Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide
- Increased energy independence and energy efficiency of buildings
Each user who will install the windows with our technology will be able to watch a modern TV, use a mobile phone, computer and the Internet -and all this can be done without using external power, and therefore almost free of charge.
A matter is that the invention makes it possible to collect solar energy, not only directly on the roofs of houses, which have limited capacity and the space associated with existing technological solutions, but also allows users to collect and generate electricity in almost every building, office or private, for their own needs by using a window with our technology.
- Allows us to proceed on the safe sources of energy
There is a WORKING PROTOTYPE and the finished BUSINESS PLAN. With an initial investment into $ 600,000.00 profit in five years will reach to $ 55,160,000.00. Remember, in the world where stock prices are constantly falling only such an investment like this can give you a chance to significantly earn. I have already started two start-up before.
Sincerely, with knowledge and experience,
Artem Vorobyov

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