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The Electric Generator with Switching Reluctance that use permanent neodymium magnets-excitation, has the following performance & advantages resulting from the analysis of tests performed by WIIA :

1- the braking torque by electric load is reduced up to 50%;
2- self-protection at excess load and short-circuit (owing to constructive geometry);
3- self-regulation of the batteries charging process;
4- low starting (cogging) torque;
5- brush-less rotor excitation
6- maximum reliability

All these features recommend GRLC (en.=VRLG) for:

- Charging the accumulator batteries from RENEWABLE autonomous systems in any tension configuration (up to 90% of U0) without additional devices for limitation and adaptation;

- wind turbines with vertical or horizontal axle or hydro-turbine – with or without using reducers or speed multipliers, the yield of installations in which VRLG can be used increases significantly, each waft or water line can be used for generating electrical power;

- Alternators for transport systems industry :
-auto/ motor;
- railway ;
- naval ;
- aerospace and devices.
- Stirling engines driven generators groups;
- stationary or mobile “digital invertor” electrogenic groups in technology;

Based on the new technology, variable reluctance switch electric generators may be designed with working speeds from 20 to 28,000 rot/min and powers up to 500KVA for various gauges and type-dimensions specific to various applications.


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