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Ostapenko Konstantin
49757 Werlte,


Short description of the projekt " Futurbicycle".

The project that I suggest, was in patent office in Munich (München, Germany) as use pattern Nr. 20 2006 009 447,4 since 2006 year declared. All rights reserve. Any use outside the narrow limits of copyright law without my permission is prohibited and punishable by law.
But for all that I cannot economic usage to enforce, while I had corresponding address to bicycle manufacturers: BerGaMot, Gazelle, Giant, Kettler, Kalkhoff, Maxx, Marschall, Van Raam, Rixe, …etc.
But it was construct in Johannesburg GmbH (Germany, Lower Saxony) training centre st. Zurwold an prototype. In this way the German Bundestad requested, in written from the administrative district Emsland on prototype to construct. On the
24. June 2010 appeared, in the German - Daily- Paper (EMS-NEUSPAPER). The prototype got positive review ( article „little energy-a lot of power“ and 5 Jule 2011 „Instead of pedal commute“ see attached, please ). Then on 5 July 2011 in the EMS NEWSPAPER an article "instead of commuting pedal-bicycle Connemann testing prototypes", Journal SAZ Büke No 14/6.8.2012 "Novel shuttle bike in Lower Saxony conceived" publisa recording with the pendulum bike and my invention, it was Monday, 20.6.2011 at the Johannesburg GmbH in Surwold.. Now you can experience the performance, progress and the unique sensations of a driven pendulum new bikes.
The project is innovation in the bicycle construct. To change the transmission of the actuation forces of the cyclist on the drive wheel to bicycle is maybe an important innovation. Picture (Fig.1) shows like the actuation forces of a regulars bicycles on pedal confers. Here muscles of a hip make work. A hip as the lever. Lifting the bicyclist presses on a pedal. Effective force is transferred only to 1/4 circles of a trajectory of movement of a pedal. It is not reasonable.

Fig.1. Torques and forces of the bicycle, today.

The essence of this new concept is in principle, simple as that. In figure comparison I can say, when you oneself to huddle you more your thigh - muscle.

Fig. 2.Strengths of the future bicycle.

I am trying to say - to rise and assigned to be weight from one leg to other leg. Well, standing on pedal and along to drive bicycle. Even as make we and particularly children. When you gotta the power for move it to award. (picture Fig.3)

Fig. 3. Like the kids to lend the power for movement with bicycle.

The pedal drive can be presented in the form of lever weights. Effective force is

transferred on all trajectory of movement of a pedal. Into a design of a drive enters a shaft drive and integrations mechanism angular transfer.
About this cycle more comfortable to perform, must the bicycle construction improved in other words the drive mechanism and the saddle to modernise.
The pedal drive views is simply and primitive, like a scales (Fig.2). In that case
the effect of the bodyweight becomes straight into pedal to step. The leg erects
and compensated only the pedal dip. Whereas the emphasis (focus) on a level
stays. For example man goes afoot. Nature has this movement mode chosen,
This means that is more economical and more comfortable.
That has the experimental proving of the prototype in Johannesburg GmbH
Theoretical of appeal calculation approved. Of this prototype is bicycle-ergo meter,
with this physical labour as power in mudflat measured to become.
The result make the impression , that the energy turnover at bicycling with
New-pedal-drive is five once more effective as energy turnover at the bicycling
with pedal-drive, today.

Fig. 4. Continues power

The average motion speed reaches 40—50 kilometres per hour without additional energy source. By doing so a bicyclist is of course very economic using h

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