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The TWB is a female sanitary product, a tampon with an integrated hygiene bag. The hygiene bag is placed in an exta reservior inside the tampon.To get access to the hygiene bag you pull the string apart from each other, then pull the hygiene bag over the used tampon for a hermetically closed and propper disposal.Therefore the woman does not have to worry about the disposal issues anymore, because with the TWIB the problem is solved.

Which woman does not know the waste disposal problem through strong menstrual periods in public places, camping sites etc. If you do not have access to an appropriate disposal unit, like the missing of hygiene bags, it can become a sanitary problem, and further become an uncomfortable situation for the waste disposer as well for the person to clean.

With the TWIB, (tampon with integrated hygiene bag), you have not to worry about uncomfortable disposal situations. The integrated hygiene bag is easy to open and pull over the used tampon, without getting your hands in contact.

A perfect sanitary solution, where the TWIB supports with its new development the appropriate care of waste disposal.

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