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A cheaper cure for Type II diabetes and to reduce obesity effeciently. The American Diabetes Association recognises an operation called the Roux en y as a cure for 87% of Type II diabetes. Another operation called the gastric sleeve has the same effect of both curing Type II and also reducing obesity, as the roux en y was originally designed. It's believed the cause of diabetes is the irritation of the duodenim, the tube between the stomach and upper gi. The sleeve operation has the same effects as the roux en y; the hormones start to convert to normal in about a week, and it's believed the weight loss involved also is related to the hormones since insulin is the main fat storage hormone. The roux en y is out of reach of most with diabetes due to its higher risk than the duodenum operation which is less invasive. But the duodenal sleeve operation costs about three thousand dollars. My invention is a small cheap robot pill, that works by changing the duodenum. The pill is biodegradable so it's completely safe, and a 20 dollar OTC that may cure both Type II and obesity.

Art Orbiting Candy Copyright 2013 By charles L

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