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Often the same words are repeated by some, e.g. curse words or other words the listener already knows and the listener may like to edit these words much like a show where the bad words are bleeped, for the same reason. A real life bleeper as in AR is out of reach with current technology since it would need viable sound cancellation and speech recognition both. The CHEAPER BEEPER may use the best technology available by jamming (all frequency noise) plus some sound cancellation and speech recognition too. The all frequency noise with current technology has to be loud and listening to sound for longer duration is harmful to health and ears. CHEAPER BEEPER uses speech recognition to find the start of the words to be bleeped and then using a simple all frequency shield along with the AN to just cancel out the words starting with the vowel or consonant they generally involve, and so on. Science shows moderately louder sound of this type isn't harmful if not continuous. AR augmented reality will be in general use in education in a year or two. There is still no AN Antinoise to reduce the bleeps yet in reach since AN stops just 80% or so of sound. Speech is higher frequency and AN cancels only the lower frequency sound. A cheap bleeper for more general use may be of worth as much as a bleeper on a show has worth. Using recognition technology available wouldn't be completely reliable and improvements could be made here using radar that finds resperation and heart changes so the radar might find the start of the word more reliably than speech recognition and also be better for speech recognition in general, e.g. cell phones could have radar in the handsetto improve speech recognition itself..Charles Lawson Inventor

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