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  • Ambient Air Clothes DryerAmbient Air Clothes Dryer

      A Clothes Line in a Box. Open the door insert clothes right out of the Washing machine, set the timer , push the on button , the clothes start tumbling in a drum and a 20 Box Fan starts blowing mother natures air through the tumbling clothes drying them in about the same amount of time your Heated dryer will. You save all the money by not heating the air for drying.
      Summery of Invention
      The ambient air clothes dryer is an automated device including a motor-powered rotating drum having a fan providing axial airflow through the drum. No dedicated heating element is provided. Some embodiments include a fan motor and an additional motor to rotate the drum, while other embodiments utilize a belt or other drive from the fan output shaft to drive a jackshaft to rotate the drum, thereby saving weight, complexity, and energy. Yet another embodiment may be devoid of any fan or air circulation device, and may include only a motor to rotate the drum. This embodiment includes means for the removable and temporary installation of a conventional "box fan" therewith, to provide the air circulation required. Any or all of the embodiments may include a timer and/or humidity detector to provide for automatic shutoff of the fan and drum when the laundry is dry and/or a predetermined time has been reached.
      The portability of the device allows it to be used indoors or outdoors, as desired. The device may take advantage of ambient heating sources within the home or other structure if so desired, e.g., a heat register, radiator, Franklin stove, etc., to provide some heating of the air, which then passes through the dryer drum. This also provides the beneficial effect of humidifying the air within the structure in colder weather. The device may be constructed to utilize twelve-volt power, if so desired, for use in camping when an automotive electrical system is available.

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    • Smart Safety Glove  Wrist band for motorcyclists bicyclists and pedestriansSmart Safety Glove Wrist band for motorcyclists...

        “Smart LED Safety Glove” or Wrist-band
        for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians (SLSG).

        Bicyclists, Motorcyclists and Snowmobile must use hand-signals in the USA and internationally.

        The problem is that you cannot always see the riders, especially at night.

        The SLSG is smart, self-activated low-cost CPU/MEM operated HD blinking LED lights, on a micro custom printed circuit board (PCB) all self contained in a glove. It will detect if you turn right or left or are stopping.

        The second function serves as a light beacon for bicycle rider and pedestrians who want the added security, where a light would blink ones short blink for every 2 seconds.

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      • Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection ShieldNose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield

          Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield

          Patent for Licensing

          Inventor, Samuel Rivera

          Patent Pending Status, Patent Application No. 61/376,331

          Filing date 08/24/2010

          USPTO Confirmation no. 3019

          License for foreing filing have been granted if required, date 8/31/2010.

          Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield is designed to protect the nose area from harmful ultraviolet sunrays. The device can be attached to a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses and use as an advertisement platform for Company, Sport and Personal events.

          Listing Information
          Full Description

          Backgound Or problem:

          Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase one's risk of skin cancer. People are mostly commonly expose to UV light while in the sun. Topical lotions are designed to reduce the risk of developing cancer, however many individuals neglect to wear sunscreen every time they go outside into the sun. However, many people do wear sunglasses or eyeglasses on a daily basis. A protective device that can be used in conjunction with eyewear is necessary.


          Nose Ultraviolet Light Protection Shield is designed to protect the nose area from harmful ultraviolet sunrays. The device can be attached to a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses to assist in the prevention of melanoma and other adverse skin conditions. The product is both beneficial and stylish and anyone who spends time in the sun will appreciate its functionality.

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          The description of specific embodiments of the present invention are presented for the purpose of ilustration and description. They are not intended to be exhaustive or limit the present invention to the precise forms disclosed, obviously many modifications and variations are possible in light of the presented teachings. The exemplary embodiment was chosen and described in order to best explain the principles of the present invention and its practical applications, to thereby enable others skilled in the art to best utilize the present invention and various embodiments with various modifications as are suited to the particular use contemplated.

          The present invention's None Disclosure Agreement have been waived, for ease of access of prospect buyers and manufacturers.

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        • Polar Band-itTMPolar Band-itTM

            The Polar Band-it(TM) is a patented and trademarked inclement weather garment that provides excellent protection from the cold, while also providing convenience, style, portability, and minimal hair muss.

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          • Thermoelectric climate-controlled clothingThermoelectric climate-controlled clothing

              Product description
              Clothing that allows the user to control the temperature of the clothing through a thermoelectric converter, known as Peltier elements.

              How to protect the body from too high or too low temperatures through a special cooling and heating system.

              Heat exchanges are attached on both sides of the Peltier elements. Through the operation of the elements, head is generated one one side, and cold on the other. The cold side is classified as the “waste side”. Fluids in the heat exchanger are heated to an optimal temperature through the warming of the Peltier element and can be regulated with a conventional temperature control. This liquid is pumped through a pump into a specially made “climate suit”. This two-layer suit is internally equipped with movable hoses. As a result, the user can adjust and control the body temperature. By changing the polarity of the Peltier element, the “waste side” of the refrigeration is changed to heat.

              Target market
              This product has high market potential for those are exposed to adverse temperature conditions, such as Firefighters, police officers, the army, motorcyclists, etc.

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