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      Most current education systems use one language as a primary language of communication and do not provide a multilingual environment, even in situations where there is a desire to impart multilingual education, for example, by an educator in school or a parent at home, the methodology is usually that the educator/parent needs to translate words from one language to another (for example from English to a native language) and relate that word to the person being taught. However, even this methodology has not been followed consistently by most education systems across the world and even at home it tends to be too tedious to be
      followed on a consistent basis.

      This invention is inspired by worldwide lack of teachers with multilingual capability and lack of quality learning systems based on multilingual approach.

      Lack of tools and technology for imparting multilingual education to visually disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      The present invention meets the requirements of a multilingual learning system with an easy to use device which can be used by users in multiple languages and in multiple countries. This invention is readily useable by visually-disabled and hearing-impaired users.

      • The invention is especially useful among working parents, uneducated parents and poverty-stricken parents.
      • The developed product and system can impart education till early ages (1-5) with minimal support of a parent or teacher.
      • This tool provides interactive learning experience to the user
      • This tool provides multilingual learning & education at an affordable rate in any part of the world.
      • This tool will help the user to learn the languages fed into the tool and will be able to relate it. Example: Hindi-English Pair, Hindi-English- Spanish or more pairs.
      • This tool provides Native level language expertise in multiple languages simultaneously.
      • Designed keeping in mind blind & hearing-impaired users.
      • The system is simple enough to be used by children and sophisticated
      enough to be used by visually challenged users.
      • Aligned with Right to Education and goals set by UN & UNESCO.

      According to another aspect of the invention, a system comprises a console and a card wherein the console comprises a processor, a receiver configured to receive a short range wireless signal, and based on a short range wireless signal received by the receiver, the processor is configured to identify a media file stored in a memory location accessible to the processor and the short range wireless signal received by the receiver is associated with an object and a natural language, and the card comprises a short range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag, wherein the card has an image either printed or embossed on at least one of its surfaces or the card has a Braille representation on one of its surfaces.

      In order to use a system according to the invention, a user needs to have a deck of cards and media files corresponding to the deck of cards need to be available to a console assessable to the user. Each card in a deck of cards is capable of short-range wireless communication with the console by means of a short-range wireless communication tag such as a RFID tag or a NFC tag. Each card in a deck of cards is associated with an object and one or more natural languages.

      In an example use case of the invention, a user may purchase a deck of RFID cards for a natural language of choice such as English or Hindi. Media files associated with the deck of cards may already be pre-stored in a memory of the console. When a user brings an RFID card in a vicinity of the console, the console recognizes the object whose image is either printed, embossed or the object that is represented in Braille on the RFID card. The console also recognizes the language(s) that is/are associated with the card. The console may then do one or more of the following: (1) produce a sound corresponding to th

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    • ToysCollectorToysCollector

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      • Intellexer - Natural Language Processing and Text Mining APIIntellexer - Natural Language Processing and Text...

          Intellexer API is a cloud service that enables developers to embed natural language processing and text analysis tools in consumer and enterprise applications, or web-services using JSON or XML.

          Intellexer API methods can be called from any programming language or software component that supports HTTP requests.

          Intellexer API includes the following semantic solutions:

          Sentiment Analyzer is a powerful and efficient solution that automatically extracts sentimens, opinion objects and emotions in unstructured text data.

          Named Entity Recognizer identifies elements in text and classifies them into predefined categories. Additionally this module allows identifying the relations between named entities.

          Summarizer automatically generates a summary (short description) of a document with its main ideas.

          Multi-Document Summarizer with Related Facts automatically generates a summary (short description) from multiple documents with their main ideas.

          Comparator is a module that accurately compares documents of any format and determines the degree of similarity between them.

          Clusterizer hierarchically sorts an array of documents or terms from given texts.

          Natural Language Interface transforms Natural Language Queries into Boolean queries.

          Preformator extracts plain text and information about the text layout from documents of different formats.

          Language Recognizer identifies the language and character encoding of incoming documents.

          Spellchecker automatically corrects spelling errors due to well-chosen statistic and linguistic rules.

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        • 3D-Phone Increaser  - Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Monitor - for all VIDEOS, FOTOS and GAMES !3D-Phone Increaser - Turn your Smartphone into a...

            Yes, it's possible! Turn your smartphone into a 3D monitor.

            Handling is easy open the 3D-Phone Increaser, insert smartphone and adjust focus. PRESS PLAY that was about everything, you sit back and enjoy fantastic 3D experience wherever you want it.

            Simple technology and a fantastic result. On the annoying 3D glasses can be dispensed through the 3D Phone Increaser. The results are also better than of other current 3D techniques. The picture has more depth, is sharper and there are no overlapping distorted images. In addition, no special software or format is needed, the technique works for any video, image or game.

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          • Improved authentication and encryption stopping brute forcingImproved authentication and encryption stopping...

              Patent pending with the European Patent Office.

              The invention is an improved authentication and encryption methodology, to be implemented as apparatus and/or software on a machine. The invention is a quantum leap compared to the previous state-of-the art (i.e. hashing / SALTs).

              With this invention, all keys / passwords gain extremely enhanced resistance against all forms of brute-force or dictionary attacks. Passwords short enough to be easily memorized by human beings could - previously - easily be brute-forced by modern supercomputers (e.g. those of nation state intelligence agencies) and/or large botnets. Using this invention, they are now resistant to these attacks. The same holds true for dictionary attacks, here the effect is even greater. The patent will give its holder / buyer an obvious and significant advantage, offereing much higher privacy and security regarding authentication and encryption than all competitors.

              LOOKING FOR:
              Buyer - Contacts in the security field within large operating system or security solution vendors, who are interested in obtaining this invention for both implementation and strategical value against competitors.
              (I will not sell the invention to anybody intending to use the patent to block implementation of the invention for the public!)

              Interested parties of big enough market power to be considered potential buyers can request the details of the invention. This will require signing an NDA, but absolutely no other commitments have to be made. The decision of the prospective buyer to enter sales negotiations or not can be made after disclosure of the details and full completed analysis by him. The details of the invention will clearly prove that the invention works (can be verified mathematically) and show how it works.

              Thomas Wolf
              - expert in computer security systems
              - decades of experience as white hat hacker, winner of Reemtsma "Hacker of the Year" award 1991
              - winner of several awards for mathematics / computer science
              - renowned security and IT expert, headed several ITprojects / programs for Allianz Group (world's largest insurance group), currently heading Deutsche Boerse Group's information security program
              - several media appearances (including the leading German news site SPIEGEL) as one of only nine members of the Giga Society (world's most discerning high IQ society)

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            • A Highly Secure Super High Capacity Data Storage Method that Both Reads and WritesA Highly Secure Super High Capacity Data Storage...

                Acurrent method of storing data using 4 dimentions, the 3 of space and one of intensity, can store 350,000 Gs of data on a standard chip. The method uses a glass disc and is secure since to reread doesn't change the strong glass disc with lower energy reading laser. The higher energy write laser burns the permanent holes in the glass and the size of the holes multiplies the memory store capacity in the area of the groove in x y and z plus the intensity coordinate. This method has limitations however. It takes a high energy laser to write and is expensive and though it has long lasting storage for thousands of years, it's not rewritable.

                My solution involves a chip made of self assembling crystals; atoms are used to store the data not the larger zones etched in glass by the laser, though a laser still writes the angles of the atoms. Each atom is strongly bound at room temperature by "freezing" so after write is achieved, the read laser has little chance of unbonding the atom being read. The disc has two phases, at a medium higher temperature, after general heat is applied the bonds of the atoms are more able to read yet still bonded well so only the atoms written by the laser are changed. Then once the data is wtitten, the cooling fixes the memory, like a photo with early methods of improving the saving of older images.

                If a reading laser on the other side of the chip, which has four sides and is a crystal to make it by crystallization, reads the other unbound zone where the bonds are not reduced by the heat, and if the bonds of the angles are strong enough, this method made of cheaper read methods, would have both much higher storage ability, much higher security of the data like the glass disc for thousands or millions of years, and also both read and write.

                Charles Lawson, inventor

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              • A Cheaper BeeperA Cheaper Beeper

                  Often the same words are repeated by some, e.g. curse words or other words the listener already knows and the listener may like to edit these words much like a show where the bad words are bleeped, for the same reason. A real life bleeper as in AR is out of reach with current technology since it would need viable sound cancellation and speech recognition both. The CHEAPER BEEPER may use the best technology available by jamming (all frequency noise) plus some sound cancellation and speech recognition too. The all frequency noise with current technology has to be loud and listening to sound for longer duration is harmful to health and ears. CHEAPER BEEPER uses speech recognition to find the start of the words to be bleeped and then using a simple all frequency shield along with the AN to just cancel out the words starting with the vowel or consonant they generally involve, and so on. Science shows moderately louder sound of this type isn't harmful if not continuous. AR augmented reality will be in general use in education in a year or two. There is still no AN Antinoise to reduce the bleeps yet in reach since AN stops just 80% or so of sound. Speech is higher frequency and AN cancels only the lower frequency sound. A cheap bleeper for more general use may be of worth as much as a bleeper on a show has worth. Using recognition technology available wouldn't be completely reliable and improvements could be made here using radar that finds resperation and heart changes so the radar might find the start of the word more reliably than speech recognition and also be better for speech recognition in general, e.g. cell phones could have radar in the handsetto improve speech recognition itself..Charles Lawson Inventor

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                • Route Planning Algorithm for Various Combinations of Traveler Requirement Criterions and ModesRoute Planning Algorithm for Various Combinations...

                    Now a day’s various vehicles are available for the purpose of traveling and goods carrying. But the three major ways are by land, sea and air in various travel modes. According to the geographical arrangement of the world, the distance, time and cost varies in these three ways between the same source and destination.
                    In traveling the user requirement mainly on travel criterions and travel modes. The three main user requirement criterions in travel are shortest, fastest and cheapest. The travel modes may be by bus, train or flight. Throughout the globe traveling across various continents and countries by any one of the ways (or mode) will not optimize the user requirement criterions. For that a suitable route planning algorithm is proposed.
                    The entire user ever wants a solution to reach the destination in the criteria combination of shortest, fastest and cheapest. But we can not always get a best solution for the above case. Some times the user gives more important on time but not on distance and cost. Like that, there are eight possible combinations of these three criterions. On that all these eight combinations (except not shortest, not fastest and not cheapest), the suitable way of travel is taken between the various terminals are grouped to form the travel between the source and destination. The user may prefer some set of travel modes to travel. For example the user may want to travel by only bus and train and not by flight and vice versa. So the algorithm will result the travel modes between the terminals only on the preferred modes.
                    The user may give the preference on some criterions and select some travel modes. There may be many number of travel modes are available, but in this system up to three travel modes are allowed, for example it may be bus, train or flight. Otherwise it may be considered as travel by land, sea or air. The algorithm selects the mode of travel between the terminals, in between the source and destination according to the user required criterions.
                    The algorithm provides totally 49 different combinations of choices for travelers to select in travel criterions and modes. This algorithm can be applied not only in travel but also in the field of operating system kernel design, robotic arm movement etc., by modifying some logics.
                    The algorithm contains 19 steps. It is protected on the provisional patent application number US 61/984,761. The 94 page complete pseudo code will be provided at the time of purchasing. It is open for sale for mere 10000USD.
                    My E-mail ID:
                    contact number:+91-965-959-8088

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