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  • Processor executing JAVA bytecodes with highest performanceProcessor executing JAVA bytecodes with highest...

      A microprocessor according to the patented technology can execute JAVA bytecodes (stack machine instructions) as well as register-based codes in an out-of-order wide-range superscalar manner.
      Any microprocessor without the patented technology is not considered to be able to match in terms of bytecode performance and versatility.

      For details, please refer to:

      The technology is patented in US, Japan, Germany, England, France, Canada, India, China, and South Korea.

      The patents are basically for a license, though any offer/suggestion, especially from a smaller entity, will be appreciated and studied in the light of mutual benefit.

      Thank you.

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    • No batteries needed technologyNo batteries needed technology

        In much the same way as you are now using to start your gas grill...

        My invention* completely eliminates the need for batteries in any type of electric or fossil-fuel-powered vehicle.

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      • Operation WarhammerOperation Warhammer

          Hi guys, my name is Ali Abbas I am british, living in Germany though since 1989. Apart from being the record German Champion in case modding, I am building a Guinnes world record casemod that will hopefully be unvieled at the Gamescom in Cologne August 2013, and many other innovations, I have now almost finished a new creation of mine that could change the way computer games are played. forget WII, Kinect and co. this Invention takes you into the battlefield without having to leave your perconal computer. Apart from that it gives you a 360 view of the battlfield and lets you thus fight in e.g. call of duty, or medal of honor or any ego shooter games for that matter in any direction.
          Yes its a toy for young boys, or girls who like these type of games too.
          I simply need help in getting this idea to the right folks who see the potential though. Just so you see that I mean business, check out my track record and all i have achieved so far by entering "Ali Abbas DPA" or "Ali Abbas Casemodder" or Ali Abbas German Champion" in google, or visit ( the German Casemodding championships Website or my site . Thanks and hope to hear from you.
          Thanks and regards,
          Ali Abbas

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            So far we have been familiar with different solutions of vehicles that have classic drive unit by fossil fuels, hybrid vehicles and purely electric vehicles.
            Our product is an electric vehicle, which connects to powered vehicle and by its motor power starts composition made of these two types of vehicles.
            To a classic vehicle, it provides abilities such as

            1) drive unit on electricity
            Significantly lower electrical energy price comparing the price of fossil fuels even up to 75%. This price is even lower if the consumer has its own electrical energy producer

            2) Carbon monoxide emission amounts 0%, the vehicle does not produce neither exhaust gases nor any other detrimental products.

            3) Level of noise is lower per 90% comparing vehicles with classic drive units.

            4) Vibrations made due to engine operations are also lower as comparing the piston engine it works with less motion of movable parts and less friction.

            5) Energy utilization of energy consumed is up to 90%. Energy consumed that motor converts into mechanical energy has high degree of utilization comparing the engine with internal combustion, which high percentage of energy made by derivatives combustion – thermal expansive energy, releases without the possibility to use it and that energy efficiency level in fossil fuel vehicles is maximum up to 35%.

            6) Vehicle has two driving axles that can work at the same time or by turning on only one of them at the time getting this way characteristic of vehicle for off-road driving.

            7) Vehicle can easily be connected with mechanical connection with other types of vehicles such as semi-trailer achieving its compatibility - same drive unit for different means of transportation.

            8) Vehicle provides higher vitality in traffic to a consumer as it has two separate drive units.

            9) Vehicle provides additional trunk solving the problem of lack of conveying space in case of vehicles with small trunks.

            10) Greater maneuverability of vehicle when having difficulty with parking and traffic jams, as the wheels are steered by direction

            11) Better distribution of masses as external electromotive drive unit gives the role of stabilizer by its mass and prevents skidding by direction in case of sharp maneuvers.

            12) Greater passive security of passengers in case of blow from the backside of vehicle, as in this case electromotive drive unit has the role of amortization area, which will receive greater part of blow energy.

            13) Vehicle has the ability to produce electric energy and supply external consumers when it is in parking position.

            14) Additional self-charging of batteries by solar photovoltaic cells when it is in parking position that can be blinds like pulled out and cover the roof of the trunk of motor vehicle and upper surface of powered vehicle, making batteries self-charging and giving the vehicle protection from strong sun or other atmosphere changes that can damage the car.

            15) Three working modes:

             Electro mod when the vehicle is moved by power of electromotor, which is supplied by electric energy from battery cells.

             Hybrid mod, when electromotor of motor vehicle and motor of powered vehicle work together, vehicle in this situation has sum of power of these two motors, and also in this mod self-charging of batteries of motor vehicle over the electricity generator is realized.

             Mod when powered vehicle starts its own engine on fossil fuels and the engine of motor vehicle is not active; this the situation battery cells are also self-charging by electricity generator, which is placed in the last vehicle on the picture.

            16) Easy access to the components of vehicle in case of service or repair.

            17) The possibility for vehicle theft is difficult as beside the regular barriers against theft it is necessary to decode control interface from the back motor vehicle.

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          • 4 phase electric generator4 phase electric generator

              A 4 phase electric generator. It has the principle of a three phase generator but with a fourth inductor added. It can produce more energy in the same amount of time.

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            • Business Intelligence Accelerator BIABusiness Intelligence Accelerator BIA

                BIA stands for Business Intelligence Accelerator. The software is a Visual Studio Add-Inn, which generates custom-defined settings and efficient guidelines for a standardized use of different BI-projects based on Microsoft technology. BIA can be used where ever data needs to be extracted, loaded or transformed. So called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages know how the data needs to be extracted and transformed.

                Until now these packages had to be put together manually – a potential source of error and a time consuming process.

                The Business Intelligence Accelerator is a set of modules, which allow the generation of Microsoft SSIS-packages from predefined templates. Time consuming generation and servicing is not necessary, this is reducing time and cost, not only in the development, but also in running the system. So far there was no standardized approach because every BI-project is different and the common systems hardly allow the reuse of program parts.

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              • Text-to-video software programsText-to-video software programs

                  Text-to-video software program that understands the meaning of the sentence and translates it into motion pictures, into separate scenes, portraying, visually, what was meant by the sentence or the text. Works only on sentences that can be represented visually. Available for English and German languages. Runs on Windows 7, 64 bit. U.S. non-exclusive patent pending.

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                • Software program with automated artificial reasoningSoftware program with automated artificial...

                    Our intelligent software program has an inductive and deductive automated reasoning. It can find and display implicit information that is not explicitly mentioned in the text, not contained in the synonyms of the particular word, or present in the concept the word belongs to. No statistical analysis or concordance based analysis can detect this information. Nevertheless, this implicit information is present and understood, implicitly, consciously or unconsciously, by everybody who reads the text.
                    This implicit information will help the search engines find more accurately the information we are looking for. A software, capable of artificial reasoning can find application in many other technical areas where independent and reliable decision making, based on written information, is required. U.S. non-exclusive patent pending.
                    Runs on all versions of Windows, also on Windows 7 and Windows 64 Bit.
                    Available for English and German Languages. Other languages can be added in future.

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