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  • Computer device for a vehicle EP 1717777Computer device for a vehicle EP 1717777

      A microcomputer (10) produces a parameter (18) related to the gravity of traffic violation based on data e.g. traffic rules, geographical location, maximum speed limit, traffic routes, stored in a database. The microcomputer then produces signals for motor vehicle driving control or driving assist based on the parameter. A signal unit (22) alerts the driver of possible consequences resulting from traffic violation. The parameter may be in form of traffic fines using a penalty catalog in the database.

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        The invention consists of a self-organizing peer-to-peer computer system, and the related application deployable and executable on the single peers of the system. The system provides services for distributed storage, which can be adopted in the very frequent case in which the storable resources are associated with keys, and read and write operations access resources through these keys. In particular, the system and the application allow resources to be published and managed in a self-organizing and flexible fashion, and enable the efficient execution of discovery operations, both simple and complex, with low network overhead.

        -The invention can be adopted to enhance the efficiency of both traditional P2P applications and distributed storage systems in which resources are assigned, located and accessed through their keys.
        -In Computational Grids.
        -Computational Cloud environment presents similar requirements: the service provider needs to select the platforms and resources, amidst hundreds or thousands of hosts, which can be used to create the virtual environment capable of serving the user requests and run their applications. The invention can be exploited to manage the Cloud information systems of big companies. The invention can also be properly adopted in a multi-vendor Cloud scenario, since there is a wide consensus about the need for integrating Cloud infrastructures of different companies.

        -In the system, there is no obligation to assign a key to a well-specified peer, as other structured P2P systems do. This feature enables the definition of “classes” of resources—a class being defined as a set of resources that share common characteristics and are mapped to the same multi-dimensional key. The system supports “class” queries, i.e., queries that aim to find resources belonging to a specified class, and multi-dimensional range queries, in which range values are
        specified for each attribute of the key.
        -Currently used structured P2P systems can produce imbalance problems depending on the location of peers and the statistical distribution of the values of resource keys. In our system, the keys are fairly distributed over the peers, irrespective of the location of peers and the distribution of key values. This allows to avoid the presence of an excessive computing load on the machines that manage the post popular key values.
        -In existing P2P systems, appropriate operations are necessary when a host joins the system or when new resources are published: these resources must be immediately assigned to the peers whose indexes match the resource keys. These operations are not necessary in our system because the mobile agents are always active and will spontaneously reorganize the keys over the multi-dimensional space. This assures scalability (keys are continuously reordered as the network grows) and robustness with respect to environmental changes.

        Each resource is assigned a multi-dimensional key, either with a hash function, in accordance with
        the DHT (Distributed Hash Table) paradigm, or by giving each coordinate of the key a semantic
        meaning, for example the value of a resource attribute. The key is then consigned to one of the
        peers of the system, and it will be the access point for the resource.

        Reduction to Practice/Prototype.

        Licence agreement and Technical Co-operation.

        Italian patent application (priority right)

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      • iCOOL Patent for Licensing (Singapore)iCOOL Patent for Licensing (Singapore)

          The purpose of the present invention is consequently proposing an apparatus of portable datum storage to interface USB protected by parameters biometric and equipped with an accessible datum processor biometric by the interface USB and with a detector of fingerprints, as well as associated methods to detect with accuracy of the fingerprints, detector which must be compact, reliable and good market for thus curing the many disadvantages of the conventional optical detectors thanks to the use of capacitive detectors or electrical field.

          In addition, international application WO 03/003283 Al describes a portable apparatus equipped with possibilities of biometric authentication. However, in this apparatus a recording requires the installation of a software of management in the PC host. Moreover, a memory access nonvolatile of the portable apparatus is also possible using a password with the place of the biometric authentication.

          The purpose of the present invention is thus proposing a comprising apparatus biometric USBS a datum processing unit and an apparatus of portable datum storage USB protected by biometric parameters. The information stored within the apparatus is protected by means of given biometric personal fingerprints by the processing unit of biometric fingerprints to which an access is possible by apparatuses hosts USB for the execution of different biometric functions of fingerprints. The way of communication enters a computational platform (comprising an host USB) and the apparatus pass by an interface customer/host of type USB.

          The purpose of the invention is another proposing a portable apparatus of datum storage in which a biometric access with the datum processing unit can be made safe by given biometric fingerprints USB, single a person presenting the authorized fingerprints being able to activate the functions of the apparatus of storage. The apparatus can, moreover, act of datum processing unit biometric (fingerprints) for apparatuses hosts USB comprising of the PC hosts and apparatuses USB “with the raised foot”, independently as functions of datum storage to carry out various biometric functions under the control of a software of application carried out on the PC host or the host USB. These biometric functions include/understand the analysis by optical scanning of fingerprints, creation and encoding the given biometric ones of fingerprints, the comparison and the storage of given biometric of fingerprints. The apparatus present in the shape of a portable hard disc equipped with a datum processing unit biometric which can be connected to an host USB via an interface USB. The host USB can then have access with the apparatus of storage to extract from given stored in this one or to store given, the given ones there stored in the apparatus being protected by personal biometric features.

          Selling Price: $80,000

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        • Biometric Car Immobilizer Solution SingaporeBiometric Car Immobilizer Solution Singapore

            The immobilizer disarms when an authorized security code is received from a transponder during an attempt to start the engine. The controller for the engine immobilizer monitors engine receiving sensors and switches to the armed state if the engine-running sensors indicate that the engine is not running even though the ignition switch has not been detected to have been put in the position.

            None of the disclosed patent relates to the application of biometrics and immobilizer. The conventional art does not disclose the use of a secure communication protocol within the system. To overcome the above drawbacks, the biometric immobilizer for automobiles make use of biometrics and immobilizer technologies together with a secure communication protocol being built within the biometric system for generation of secure communication vector key for authorized access to various function units. The present biometric immobilization also has an internal built in proprietary data protection protocol and procedure to ensure all information within the memory storage being encrypted by personal biometrics information generated key is also one of the key code technologies within the biometric fingerprint authorization unit system.

            Selling Price : $80,000

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          • Storage Device Comprising Embedded FIngerprint Sensor ChinaStorage Device Comprising Embedded FIngerprint...

              The object of the invention is to provide a biometric parameters protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device wherein information storage within the device is secured with personal biometrics information.

              In addition, the communication path between any computer platform (with computer serial bus host) and the information stored in the device is via a computer serial bus clienVhost interface such as USB, FireWire (IEEE1394) or anything serially connected from a computer. An aspect of the present invention is to provide a biometrics protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device, comprising: an embedded fingerprint biometrics processing unit and sensor, wherein the sensor can be either any of the capacitive or electric field sensing devices; - a flash memory or flash memories which is a storage device and is able to store data and information, with any storage capacity; - a micro-controller and data processing unit which is a device responsible for interfacing with the embedded fingerprint processing unit, the host computer system and the memory storage, and being a gateway for data to store/retrieve in/from the flash memory with biometric information protection; - a built in proprietary data encryption scheme for data and information safe keeping within the memory storage; and - a proprietary enrollment scheme for biometric fingerprint enrollment. With the proliferation of computers and computer networks into all aspects of business and daily life - financial, medical, education, government, and communications - the concern over secure data access is growing. One method of providing security from unauthorized access to data is the use of personal biometric data instead of passwords to gain access to the data. Unlike passwords, personal biometric data is unique and cannot be stolen or reproduced, hence only the person authorised to view the data can do so. The present invention utilises a proprietary data encryption scheme wherein the data stored in the biometric parameters protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device is protected by a personal fingerprint biometrics key and the data can be accessed only when the authorised fingerprint is being inputted into the fingerprint biometrics processing unit. Yet another object of the present invention is to a biometrics parameters protected computer serial bus interface portable data storage device, which is an easy to use portable miniature data storage device with high storage capacity. The present invention is small in size and is capable of storing huge files such as accounting data files, CAD files, huge presentation files, multimedia files.

              Selling Price : $80,000

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            • Search Engine Idea From Us Capital From YouSearch Engine Idea From Us Capital From You

                To whom it may concern;

                We have filed a provisional patent with USPTO for a highly innovative search engine. This is the next generation search engine and it offers significant advantages over all available similar and competing solutions.
                We can prove that everyone in the world will be using this invention for his daily life, therefore, there is a huge market for it and its return on investment is far better than the ROI from other search engines.
                Our idea will deliver the following benefits:
                • It ends people’s confusions.
                • People won’t need any other websites; this website is all they need.
                • It gives access to the world of business and knowledge.
                We are looking for investors or companies who can help us develop this idea. If you are interested to know more about our idea, or in case you know someone else who might be interested, please feel free to contact me.
                Yours sincerely,
                Foruzan Mehdiani

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              • Multi Display VisionMulti Display Vision

                  Multi Display Vision

                  The Patent solves the problem of construction of TV or PC one-sided monitor and provides, TV, PC or TV and PC programs on two, three, four, five or six monitors.

                  These monitors are made for use in offices, internet cafés, business meetings, conferences, banks, public places, municipal’s and homes as well.

                  This patent provides transmitting same or different TV on several monitors and make possible simultaneous work of several same or different computer programs:

                  Functional Prototype at:
                  Just for Partners who are interested for commercial implementation.

                  Msc. Mladen Sikanjic
                  President of Bosnian Business Angels Network

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                • Method and Apparatus for Parallel Loadflow Computation for Electrical Power SystemMethod and Apparatus for Parallel Loadflow...

                    Gauss-Seidel-Patel Loadflow (GSPL) computation method is invented involving self-iteration over a node within global iteration over (n-1) nodes in n-node power network. Also invented is a network decomposition technique referred to as Suresh's diakoptics that determines a sub-network for each node involving directly connected nodes referred to as level-1 nodes and their directly connected nodes referred to as level-2 nodes and so on, wherein the level of outward connectivity for local solution of a sub-network around a given node is to be determined experimentally. Sub-networks are solved in parallel, and local solution of sub networks are related into network wide global solution using an invented technique. These led to the invention of the best possible parallel computer - a server-processor parallel-processors architecture wherein each of the parallel processors communicate only with the server processor, commonly shared memory locations, and each processor’s private memory locations but not among themselves.

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