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      This new technology has a construction concept clearly delimited from all the existing building systems in that:

      1) For constructing, it uses a single building material obtained from organic raw materials, in the form of blocks or panels;
      2) The building is closed with same blocks or panels on all its six sides, floor slab included. It is not tied up to foundations or independent columns of resistance.
      3) The building does not require an independent structure of resistance made of concrete, metal or wood.
      4) Building resistance is distributed per each square centimetre of it, whether it be external walls, partitioning walls, ceiling, slab floor, or roof, and is being obtained by post-compressing the elements making up the building with hidden post-compressing rods.
      5) The building made in this way may be permanent or temporary, as appropriate.
      6) The building achieved has the best parameters in terms of thermal transfer, does not support combustion and does not absorb water (see attached PDF file).

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    • Gypsum mixture permanently resisting damp and plasterboard prepared thereformGypsum mixture permanently resisting damp and...

        The present invention relates to a process for the production of a thermally resistant gypsum blend for the production of plasterboards, wherein the dry component of the gypsum blend is made by mixing dry plaster with a powdered adjuvant, and then the wet component of the gypsum blend is prepared by mixing liquid chemicals and water, then mixing dry and wet ingredients thus prepared, and also relates to a gypsum plasterboard made of gypsum mixture according to the invention.

        In this specification, terms like humidified or saturated vapor mean the relative humidity of the environment at or near 100%.

        One of the greatest advantages of plasterboard made of saturated vapor resistant gypsum mixture according to the invention is that its thickness does not change, so it does not swell that would lead to deterioration of stability. Of course, for production of plasterboard made of saturated vapor resistant gypsum mixture according to the invention gypsum mixture is filled in between two impregnated sheets of paper, too, but this impregnation serves to protect the paper against moisture yet present in the mixture up to setting.

        Main advantage of the gypsum mixture according to the present invention is that it is permanently resistant to the environments saturated by moisture while having a moisture absorption of at most 2% on at least 40 °C in an environment of 100% relative humidity, in the event of a decrease in the environmental moisture concentration the surface solubility of the gypsum mixture also decreases, spreadability does not occur even continuously contacting with water or dampish environment, and plasterboards containing a gypsum mixture according to the invention also have those advantageous properties of the gypsum mixture according to the present invention.

        The invention provides a process for producing of gypsum mixture permanently resistant to saturated vapor e.g. for making plasterboards, comprising the step of making dry component of a gypsum mixture by mixing dry plaster with a powdered admixture, then preparing a wet component of the gypsum blend by mixing liquid chemicals and water, and mixing the dry and wet ingredients thus prepared.

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      • Smart anti flooding check valveSmart anti flooding check valve

          Patent for sale - smart anti flooding check valve

          Advantages of the system:
          - a solution for a manholes and a rainwater gully pits overflow
          - system pauses water in a higher placed city areas
          - it splits stormwater drainage system into parts - protects the system from overpressure
          - it enables to dehydration of the lower placed city areas as a priority
          - it provides the constant water flow to the pumping station

          schematic visualisation movie:

          patent aplication:

          I have one more patent aplication which is improvement of this one.


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        • “DISPENSE ALL” - A new way to package and dispense products“DISPENSE ALL” - A new way to package and...

            This invention relates to the manufacturing of a packaging/bottle to dispense a product in a controlled and measured way, as desired/needed by the user. This packaging/bottle design will be utilized by all industries using paste, ointment, semi-liquid and liquid products. All these type of products will be packaged in a dispenser / bottle type package to be known as 'DISPENSE ALL'

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          • Steel Structure Workshop-HL Steel StructureSteel Structure Workshop-HL Steel Structure

              The steel structure factory building is the building whose load-bearing mainly consist of steels including steel column,rigid frame, steel beam, structure foundation, steel roof truss, structural steel ,steel canopy and etc. There are light-duty steel structure factory building and heavy-duty steel structure factory building.
              Product Features:
              1. Light weight, high strength and large span.
              2. Shorter construction period, reducing the investment cost.
              3. Better fire resistance and corrosion resistance.
              4. Convenient movement and pollution-free recycle.

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            • Professional Mobile House Manufacturer-HL Steel StructureProfessional Mobile House Manufacturer-HL Steel...

                The mobile house is a kind of movable house. However, it is not transformed from the real containers. It is produced according to the specification and dimension of containers. The mobile house has features of firm structure and convenient transportation. As one of the famous mobile home manufacturers, HL is a professional manufacturer in China.
                The mobile house integrates functions of traditional houses. The steel structure is adopted as house framework. The sound insulating materials are adopted in the wall. The other parts(such as floor, door and window) are set according to the preferences of users under this premise of feasibility. There are no fixed water or electrical input. The users could install solar photovoltaic panels or power generator to supply the indoor electricity. And the solar water heater could supply heating and water. Wastewater treatment systems could purify the domestic water to be used again.
                The features of mobile house include professional design, standardization, modularization, easy removal, convenient and fast installation, easy transportation. It could be used as the permanent house or temporary house.
                If the clients choose the products of our company, some parameters including house application, site area, terrain, local natural conditions, the supply conditions of water and electricity should be offered to us. Then our company will provide the professional design schemes for users' choice. If necessary, our company will provide the effect picture of the indoor and the outdoor. Besides, our company could supply all the decorative materials, furniture, electric appliances if the users need related service. HL is one of the professional mobile home manufacturers in China with unique design and known reputation.

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              • Hotel Keycard Lock ManufacturerHotel Keycard Lock Manufacturer

                  Hotel room key card security door locks requires no wiring, adopts the RF card of PHILIP® company to perform control function and unlocking function, is completely independent and stand-alone.

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                • Wall Mounted Tool OrganizerWall Mounted Tool Organizer

                    This Inventions provides:
                    A designated spot for the most needed tools for around repairs.
                    Holds common tools used for most household fixes and repairs.
                    Storage Bins for “Nails”, “Picture hangers”, “Tacks” and other small hardware.
                    Doors on cabinet keeps tools safe and out of the way.
                    Small size of approximately: 2 FT. X 3 FT. X 4 IN.
                    Possible Chalk or Bulletin Board on front of cabinet.
                    Could be manufactured to blend in with different interior finishes. Even a custom wood Cabinet.
                    Ease of mounting. Attach hanging strip to surface first, then drop cabinet on hanging strip.
                    Ability to be mounted on a wall or door. With wall anchors or removal (3M) type anchors.
                    Can be placed inside of pantry, hall or guest closet (back of door) or utility room.

                    All my friends who have seen the picture of the tool organizer like it and can’t wait for it to go on the market.

                    I have never seen anything like this in any hardware or retail outlet. It would make an excellent Birthday or Christmas gift for that person who has everything.

                    Just think about how much less frustrating it would be if you knew that your tools were handy all in one location, especially on Christmas eve when you have to put together all the kids new toys.

                    There are over 5,000 (US) hardware outlets, if each one sold 10 units a month it would yield 600,000 in one year only.

                    Organizer can be manufactured for use with other items or types of tools, not just common tools used around the house.

                    US Patent: US 9,358,680 B1

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