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  • Jiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co LTDJiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co LTD

      Jiang Xi JiaHuaMei Shell development Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of natural, environmental protection, pollution-free green products, mainly hand craftsmanship and modern technology, manufacturing tools jewel-level processing methods combined with the variety of high-quality natural mother of pearl natural color and texture characteristics of the body, so that shell pearl, color demonstrated most vividly, the company has developed into a research and development, production, sales as one of the private manufacturers.
      The main products are various shell mosaic, shell decorative boards, shell tiles, shell puzzles, shell crafts,Tiger's Eye Stone ,Agate Slab,Marble Mosaic,Mixed Mosaic etc.The products are widely used in clubs, bars, hotels, villas, lighting, furniture and home decoration.
      We commits to provide finest products and best customer service the worldwide market, so that more people can enjoy the great visual of our products .Our customers are from all around the world,we only offer the best for our customer !
      Trust us , choose us,you will get the best !

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    • Nap Ring - Travel PillowNap Ring - Travel Pillow

        Many people on planes, trains and buses sleep with their foreheads on their forearms. The problem is our forearms quickly get numb, which wakes us up after a few short minutes. My idea is to create a flexible plastic ring covered entirely with soft padded materials. It would be lightweight and easily fit in a backpack or large purse.

        I am an IT consultant who travels a lot for work. When I travel, I often use a rough prototype of this, which works very well for me.

        My idea was sent to a registered patent attorney for a search which revealed my invention has aesthetic features not shown in prior art, and as such, a design patent would be available.

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      • Fishing equipmentFishing equipment

          Compact device for recreational fishing, which you can take with you on a trip or in the equipment used for survival.
          If this device will appear in the mass sales, has big chances of getting more popular among non-professional fishing enthusiasts!

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        • Bicycle Mechanism which MULTIPLIES the FEET of a Cyclist ! Bicycle Mechanism which MULTIPLIES the FEET of a...

            A Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory, specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed a Transmission Mechanism with many important Applications, being a Hardware which can run any corresponding Software (Operating Cycle).

            One of these Applications is a Bicycle Mechanism, mainly for avoiding the top and bottom dead center when Cycling.
            Besides this feature, this Mechanism achieves a significant overlapping of the Power Period of each pedal, smoothing in a very extensive degree the Torque being produced by the Cyclist and, in this way, it improves the overall Efficiency of the Mechanical System "Cyclist and Bicycle" by more than 20% and the feeling of Comfort of the Cyclist even much more, helping him unbelievably.

            This Mechanism can be designed, point by point, considering the differences between Professional Cyclist and Amateur Cyclist, between Man and Woman, between Child and Adult, between Transportation and Exercise, even between the Left Foot and the Right Foot of the same Person, or between the Left Hand and the Right Hand of the same Person.

            The angular motion of the pedals is always UNIDIRECTIONAL, the fluctuation of the Torque that finally moves the Bicycle can be reduced to less than 2%, for a Professional, well trained, Cyclist, while the net Efficiency of this Mechanism is about 99.5%.

            This Mechanism is Patent Pending, while more information for it you can find at the website:
            which is under construction, or by e-mailing directly to the address:

            The Laboratory is seeking Business Partners, Manufacturers, License Agreements and/or Investors.

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          • electronic heating elementelectronic heating element

              We have real results in the form of industrial designs, as well as working prototypes. Our technologies allow the use of the properties of materials and force fields that previously could not be anyone to use in existing products. We got a real effect which will give at its widespread introduction of huge energy savings. It is used for heating, water heating, and all technologies related to the heat. Our devices consume five times less energy than expend power.
              However, they are fully compatible with existing systems and the cost is not higher, and often lower than analogues with lower efficiency. Now we need to transfer this technology to production workers. At this point, we feel certain difficulties and we hope that you will help a useful innovation to be realized. The economic effect of these huge. We do not have patents, as it is very long and expensive. We provide the right to patent those who want to get efficient technologies. All of what we say is real and easily check their work. I ask interested parties to contact us to verify the reality of the prospects.

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            • Sexy lingerie wholesale from China ManufacturerSexy lingerie wholesale from China Manufacturer

                Welcome to our website. We appreciate your time no matter you are purchasing or just looking. We are happy to introduce ourselves as a famous professional manufacturer and supplier of wholesale sexy lingerie.
                We are from China, the manufacturing center in the world and our company, Lanxi Rose-Team Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd. is one of the largest sexy lingerie manufacturers. We have what you are looking for and more.

                We supply all types of fine sexy lingerie such as: adult costumes, corsets, chemises, babydolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies' panties, men's panties, sexy garter sets, erotic dresses, sexy stockings and sexy leather collections. The annual output is over 1,500,000 pieces.
                In a short period of time, we expand our production capacity in order to meet the increasing foreign market's demand.

                We have strong technical power, advanced research capabilities and rapid responses to inquiries, with more than 7 technicians who have 7 years' of experience in the Lingerie industry. A wide range of styles is always available. We add new sexy lingerie styles every business day. We sell our products at very competitive price. We also accept OEM order or make a new production for your designs printed with your logo.

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              • Household Electric Grill Kebab Machine Kebab Grill Kebab Equipment Vertical Grill BBQ GrillHousehold Electric Grill Kebab Machine Kebab...

                  Product Description:Voltage: 110V-120V/60Hz Or 220V-240V/50Hz
                  Plug: Euro Plug or USA Stardard Three Flat Plug; Length Of Power Cord: 1 Meter
                  Size: 25cm x 25cm x 37cm; Net Weight: 2.6KG
                  Suitable For: Kebab, Shawarma Chicken, Beef, Meat, Ham, Sausages, Fish And Some Vegetables

                  1. An open structure of heating elements with half round stainless steel reflectors for an optimal use of energy. 
                  2. The Gyros will change direction automatice, if there is a force. 
                  3. Removable and detachable parts for easy clean. 
                  4. The particular broiling result is obtained by alternating heating and cooling down. The meat fibres do not harden, and the gravy is flavoured by the spices. This cooking mode results in very healthy meat. 
                  5. The vertical grill allows broiling meat layers, shashlik, party sausages, poultry and fish with few attachments. 
                  6. The Skewers and Gyros go in opposite direction so that the food could be heated more well. 

                  Fast, easy, healthy, tasty and versatile... 
                  High-power performance for fast cooking results, large cooking capacity for all your favourite recipes. 
                  ON/OFF switch with LED light 
                  Easy to control. 
                  Detachable stainless steel parts for easy cleaning 
                  Metal heater, for longer life 
                  20-30 mins for kebab/40-50 mins for whole chicken 
                  6 small skewers can rotate and rotate together with the center skewer

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                • Cordless Kebab Knife Rechargeable Electric Knife Battery Powered Slicer Shawarma Shaver Gyros MachineCordless Kebab Knife Rechargeable Electric Knife...

                    Product Name:
                    English: Kebab Slicer ; Kebab Knife ; Shawarma Knife ; Gyros Knife
                    Deutsch: Dönermesser ; Gyrosmesser ; KebabMesser ; DönerSchneider 
                    Français: Couteau à kebab ; Couteaux à Kebab

                    Power: 80 W 
                    Voltage: ~12 V ( Lion Battery )
                    Recharger's Plug: European Two Round Pin Plug
                    Blade Diameter: 100 MM 
                    Cutting Depth: 0-8 MM ( Can Be Adjusted ) 
                    Cutting Capacity: 60 KG 
                    N.W: 1.2 KG 
                    Suitable For: All Kebab Machine, Shawarma Machine, Gyros Machine 

                    Package Included 
                    1 x Cordless Kebab Slicer ( Round Blade )
                    1 x One Extra Serrated Blade
                    2 x Lion Battery
                    1 x Recharger
                    1 x Whet stone 
                    1 x Manual  

                    Portable And Convenient; Easy To Use And Clean;
                    Sold And Shipped From Manufacturer Directly; 

                    Enjoy your kebab, Gyros, Shawarma with more convenient and more efficient way 
                    The blade is super sharp, so it'll cut through lamb, chicken, any thing you like, with ease and finesse - and, as we also throw in a whet-stone, you can keep it that way for the blades lifetime. The device is kept safe with a practical blade Protector - and the handle has been ergonomically designed so that it fit's into the hand perfectly. We've designed our slicer so it's easy to clean and maintain - the blade can be removed using a simple locking screw 

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