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  • 16 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model 3G 4G WiFi Signal detector with Cooling FanCPJX1616 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model 3G...

      16 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model, 3G 4G WiFi GPS Signal detector with Cooling Fan,CPJX16

      One of our the best desktop models with 16 antennas and range up to 50m that jamm all Low bands 130-500Mhz ,
      all types of Android phones,Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, VHF, UHF, GPS and remote control signals
      from various devices such as rc cars, rc boats, alarms, wireless sensors, amateur or professional remotely controlled toys, etc.

      16 Bands type frequency :
      1.130-200MHz; (3W)
      3.300-400MHz; (3W)
      4.400-500MHz; (3W)
      5.700-800mhz; (3W)
      6.800-900mhz; (3W)
      7.900-980mhz; (3W)
      8.1050-1200MHz; (2W)
      9.1200-1390MHz; (2W)
      10.1500-1600mhz; (3W)
      11.1700-1800MHz; (3W)
      12.1800-2000Mhz; (3W)
      13.2100-2199MHz; (3W)
      14.2300-2400Mhz; (2W)
      15.2400-2500mhz; (2W)
      16.2500-2700MHz; (2W)
      TOTAL : 41W

      1.Each of 16 frequency module/band is separate and adjustable.
      2.All 16 Frequency modules we can mix very flexible, Any combinations and customizations of frefenices are possible, so just send us your inquiry and we will give you our recommendation.
      3. Jamming Range Radius 10~50meters (-75dBm Omnidirectional antennas);
      4.The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and location;
      5.Working time: Without the time limit, may continue to work;
      6.Antenna: 300mm long;
      7.Power supply: AC100-240V and 12V cable to Car Battery (300mm Long);
      8.Dimension:395 x 238 x 60mm;
      10.Package contents:
      *1pc Desktop portable Jammer;
      *1pc AC Charger;
      *1pc Car Charger;
      *16pc Antenna;

      Welcome to Necom-telecom,
      we are jammer manufacturer for 8 years, hope our products are workable for your market.

      Professional manufacture following products:
      1)Portable Cell Phone Jammer/Blocker;
      2)Bloqueador Portable/Jammer;
      3)GPS Jammer;
      4)Wifi Jammer/Camera Jammer;
      5)UHF&VHF Jammer;
      6)High Power Cell Phone Jammer/Blocker;
      7)Cellphone booster/repeater;
      8)RF signal detector;

      2G,3G,4G, GPS, WIFI, VHF, UHF, 315, 433 ,Lojack all the frequency can be customized as your request!

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    • 3 generation underwater robot video3 generation underwater robot video

        Product Description
        The third generation underwater robot video
        Underwater robot are used for underwater exploration, archeology salvage, capture fishing exploration of fish and undersea sea state visit

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      • 4 phase electric generator4 phase electric generator

          A 4 phase electric generator. It has the principle of a three phase generator but with a fourth inductor added. It can produce more energy in the same amount of time.

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        • 4gWiFi Signal Jammer High Power Wireless Cell Phone GSM CDMA Bomb Signal BlockerCPJ6904gWiFi Signal Jammer High Power Wireless Cell...

            High Quality Best WiFi Signal Jammed,High Power Wireless Cell Phone WiFi GSM CDMA Bomb Signal Blocker / Jammer,CPJ690

            90W Stationary 6Bands Cellphone,Wi-Fi,Lojack,GPS Jammer/Blocker:CPJX690
            Basic features
            *Adjustable working range
            *higher power jammer
            *VSWR Protect high effiency power amplifiers
            * Good cooling system with cooling fan inside
            * Working non-stopped
            *Stable capability
            Technical Specifications Model NoOutput PortFrequency Range Output powerRemarks
            CPJ-X690GSM850850-894Mhz42dBmused in the United States, Canada, Mexico ,S. America. Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa.GSM900925-960Mhz42dBmGSM18001805-1880Mhz40dBmGSM19001920-1990Mhz40dBm3G21002110-2170Mhz40dBm4GLte700Mhz690-806 MHz40dBmWi-Fi 2.4G2400-2483Mhz40dBm4G Lte26002600Mhz40dBm
            Optional FrequencyLojack173.03MhzWe can Configured in accordance with customer requirementsCDMA450430-450/460-470MhzGPS/GLONASSL1:1575.42Mhz L2: 1227.60MhzWireless Camera1.2G ,2.4GCar remote control433Mhz,315MhzWalkie-TalkieVHF,UHFRF Power Output:15Watt
            Protection Radius: Typical 50-100m@according the signal density mobile network
            Jammer type: Sweep Jamming
            Application Type: meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls,
            churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, bus , hospitals, gas stations .
            Antenna Type:Omini-Directional/directional panel antenna optional
            Power Source : AC adapter (50 to 60Hz/100 to 240V AC -DC2V) and 24-27V
            Electric Filed (SAR):Compatible with ICNIRP Standards(Human safe)
            Operating Temp:-20 to +50 C
            Storage Temp:-40 to +60 C
            Dimension(LXWXH): 335 x 238 x 60mm
            weight: 9-13kg

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          • 8 Bands Remote Control RF Jammer for All Cellular GPS Lojack AlarmCPJP88 Bands Remote Control RF Jammer for All Cellular...

              8 Bands Remote Control RF Jammer for All Cellular, GPS, Lojack, Alarm,CPJP8
              Effective range: Up to 20meters radius, depending on the strength and type of cellular, GPS tracker, Lojack sytem, car remote control Jammer system;
              Input Power: Li Battery AC110/220V-DC12/2500mA/h;
              Antenna: External omni-directional;
              Operation temperature: 0-50;
              Humidity: 5%-80%;
              Size: L 11.9cm X W7.4cm X H29cm;
              1. This series cover six or eight frequency bands or with bigger jamming distance.
              2. This device utilizes a unique low power radio signal technology that interferes with the communication between wireless handsets and base station.
              3. Block all cellular phone, GPS tracker, Lojack sytem, car remote control communication, in you controlled area or to avoid information from being disclosed secretly during meeting, and yet it is jamming silently without user's awareness.
              4. Easily operated and user-friendly, no hassle installation needed, need no professional knowledge or skill, a DIY designed device to suit everyone, everywhere and anytime.
              5. Low Output power will not cause harm to human body or medical equipment
              6. Inside fans cool system.
              7. Inside rechargeable battery, working 2-3hours by battery.
              1. Hospital, medical center or where medical instruments should not be disturbed by cellular signal.
              2. theater, cinema, museum and art gallery.
              3. conference rooms, offices, libraries, schools and restaurant.
              Model# CPJ-P8A: Cellular phones+GPS+Wi-Fi+Lojack
              1)CDMA&GSM: 850 to960MHz
              2)DCS&PCS: 1, 805 to 1990MHz
              3)3G: 2, 110 to 2, 170MHz
              4)Wi-Fi: 2400 to 2483MHz
              5)GPS: 1570-1580MHz (GPSL1)
              6)4G WIMAX: 2620-2690 MHz
              7)4G LTE: 790-821MHz
              8)LOJACK: 160-175MHz
              CPJ-P8B+ Cellular phones+Wi-Fi+433MHz+315MHz
              1)CDMA&GSM: 850 to960MHz
              2)DCS&PCS: 1, 805 to 1990MHz
              3)3G: 2, 110 to 2, 170MHz
              4)Wi-Fi: 2400 to 2483MHz
              5)GPS: 1570-1580MHz (GPSL1)
              6)4G WIMAX: 2620-2690 MHz
              7)4G LTE: 790-821MHz
              8)LOJACK: 160-175MHz
              We can do customize frequency according to you request, please email us

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            • 800Watt very high power prison jammer with cooling fan system for 3g4GGPSAMPSCPJ6022800Watt very high power prison jammer with...

                800Watt very high power prison jammer with cooling fan system for 3g/4G/GPS/AMPS,CPJ6022

                1)Use stronger and longer External Omni-directional antennas,all the TX frequency covered down link only
                2)The latest design and Good cooling system with cooling fan inside
                3)365 days non-stopped Work
                4)Good quality 4-7 bands high power prison Jammer, Jamming for all mobile phone 2G,3G,4G signal and VHF/UHF Walkie-Talkie,WIFI,GPS bands.etc.
                5)VSWR circuit protection to ensure system will not burn out should there be antenna short circuiting or disconnection
                6)Outdoor waterproof metal alloy case design avoiding the sabotage,
                1.antennas: external omini-directional or high gain directional panel antenna
                2.Jamming range:up to radius 400meter @ -75dBm depending on the mobile service provider s network condition);
                3.Total output power:: 75-250W select any 4-7 bands 15-50Watt per band for your require, 4.Power supply :(1)AC110-240V (2)DC27V
                5.Signal source: Synthesized Operation
                6.Temperature: -10 to +508.Humidity: 5% to 80%
                Package information :
                Device Size: 52X30X19cm not including antenna
                Net Weight:18kg not including antennaCarton
                Size: 47x27x60cm/1PCS
                Gross Weight:25KG
                Output port :4-7 ports optional Frequency for select :1:CDMA851-894MHz,2:GSM925-960MHz,3:DCS&PCS1805-1990MHz,4:3G 2110-2170MHz,5:VHF135-174MHz,6:UHF400-470MHz,7:4G1LTE725-770MHz,8:4GWimax2300-2400MHz OR 2500-2690MHz,9:WIFI2400-2483MHz,10:GPS1570-1580MHz,11:433MHz 12:315Mhz,13:LOJACK167-175MHz,14:4G1700,15:GPSL2L5:1170-1280 ,16:GPSL3L4:1370-1390 etc.

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                  The problem to be solved:
                  Increase of luminous efficiency of fluorescence light sources.

                  To achieve an increase of luminous efficiency, the phosphor is put on the internal surface of a transparent biunique bulb, and on internal surface of a transparent biunique bulb and on the special designs inside a lamp. The general area surpasses the area of a biunique bulb, and on these designs the phosphor is marked.

                  All areas where the phosphor will be used as the light source, in particular in fluorescence lighting devices.

                  * Advantages:
                  Increase of the working area on which the phosphor is marked, that means increase of total
                  phosphor used in lamps of illumination, without increase in the volume of a biunique bulb.

                  Efficiency: the general illuminating intensity is increased.

                  Patent pending
                  First published: 2001 on

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                    Headphones have become ubiquitous within the modern world; and for good reason, people love their music. Understandably, people hate when something comes between them and their music. Unfortunately, headphones often become a vexing obstacle between the user and their music. Anybody who uses headphones will tell you that one of the most aggravating situations is when their all set to listen to their music, they get their media device out only to find the cables in a tangled mess.
                    Although untangling the headphones only takes a few minutes this is an inconvenience the user would rather not deal with. Enthusiasts and headphone producers have long recognized the problems associated with tangled cables, spending millions of dollars in research and development. Unfortunately, the result of this research has created subpar products that are either too inconvenient to use or are ineffective at improving the users experience. It has been proven many times that users are unhappy with the current headphones design and their poor tangle resistance. Moreover, there is a proven market for solutions. For example, one of many market proven products includes the Kickstarter Project CordCruncher, the project raised over $66,000 in just 30 days ( There are many other Kickstarter Projects that have raised over $600,000 for cable solutions.
                    Our solution has the same functionality as the Cord Cruncher Headphones, and more. The product would be cheaper, more versatile, and convenient to use; solving the annoying problems associated with tangled, damaged, strained, or knotted headphone cables while opening up possibilities for more creative uses of headphones. The solutions functions by using a special wire integrated into the headphone cable, the wire is commonly known as memory metal and has riveting properties. The memory metal allows the user to use the headphones, as they normally would, however in order to conveniently wrap the cables up for storage the user may press a button that causes the memory metal to return to a predefined shape. Useful predefined shapes may be a tidy coil, compact winding that contours to an electronic device, or even an Apple Logo! The possible shapes, sizes, and configurations are endless; any shape that cables can be wound into can be achieved automatically by using integrated memory metal. Custom designs may include the user name, a word, or customer design.

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