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  • Electroic Cooling JacketElectroic Cooling Jacket

      I have developed a product named Electric Cooling Jacket and have applied for its patent. My UK patent application number is GB1322119.7 and applying for patent in other countries including USA, UAE, Brazil, Australia and others

      The product is a small jacket like dress/garment that can be worn alone or on a shirt/T-shirt or other wearing garment. It uses water evaporation method to keep the human body cool. It has a regular built for natural evaporation, while it also has a second and additional electronic layer for wearing with the jacket if more cooling is needed. This additional layer contains fans and other electronic equipments to start forced evaporation process, through the 2.5 to 3.5 inch small fans.

      It is good to use by people working in hot and arid regions of the world such as a NATO/US solder deployed in Saudi Arabian desserts or geologist exploring minerals or engineers working on oil rigs in open plans under the scorching sun or an ordinary person such as a salesman running shop to shop on his motorbike in open sun to sell or book the orders for his products, in an underdeveloped country such as Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, India etc.

      The suggested market price for retail sale without additional electronic layer is 50 to 100 USD that is easily bearable by a salesman who is wandering in the scorching sun.

      While the jacket price with an additional electronic layer for use by the troops in a dessert front, employers of multinational companies or sportsmen playing in the hot sun is 500 to 1000 USD which is also bearable for large organizations.

      I am a post graduate in the sciences from the University of Karachi which is one of top ranked universities of the world with more than 20,000 students. I am a person who is inventing new things from his childhood and won many prizes in science exhibitions during student life. Presently I am working as a professional marketer and a successful businessman and fully aware of the market potential of my invention. The market potential of this product is in billions of dollars. I understand well that I alone have no resources to market my product globally.

      I am interested in working with you in some way that we can introduce this product around the globe. You may directly the purchase manufacturing rights or get a manufacturing and selling lenience or do something other that is in your mind. If you are also interested in Electronic Cooling Jacket, kindly contact me in my email or call me on my cell numbers.

      Sample of product/ drawings/ brief business plan may be provided upon request and after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

      Syed Khalil Ullah
      Cell # +92-307-2550250

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    • Electronic Storm Door CloserElectronic Storm Door Closer


        Electronic Storm Door Closer
        Bringing domestic storm door closers into the twenty first century.

        • Automatically holds the storm door open and automatically closes it behind you. Nothing to do; just open the door and pass on through!

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      • eletric Guneletric Gun

          this patent for sale is for a gun that can shot contintrted beams of electic plasma and has the ablity to shot down a plane the size of a building and not blow it up i am offering a agrement to sale this to a milatery or a compeny that deals with exporting and importing of weapons this is made possabal becouse of the vacome rubber enged tip tubs that are fitted to be like a bullet but when pulled the trigger it has a magnetic pull on the beams of electic and then it dispreses it in the dir you are aiming this is a vary seriues weapon it can under the right cond like a occean it can kill with in 30 miles from the point it was amied at so i will be wiling to anser iney QST you have my contact numbers are 949-241-0483 and my skype id is jody.williams68 573-270-1555 573-837-4579 all numbers are active and ready to get calls you can call me iney time of the day or nite i travel the globe so i am used to getting calls thanks for takeing the time to read this

          Economic and financial information

          markets milatery defence and forein milatery defence also a back up to a convention weapon so it can bring in qiute a bit of money also if you are a weapons freak like me then this is for you and i can be reached at the numbers in the DEC area on this page have a great day,
          [9:51:02 AM] jody williams williams williams: 949-241-0483

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        • Energy Harvesting System with Piezoelectric PolymerEnergy Harvesting System with Piezoelectric...

            Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a piezoelectric material that can convert kinetic energy to electric energy. This technology provides a PVDF piezoelectric thin film and proposed its use of energy harvesting system, which converts ambient energy into electrical energy for small wireless autonomous devices. The PVDF thin film we are introducing is light and thin, easily formable, robust to mechanical stress and eco-friendly, compared with the ceramic materials used for existing energy harvesting systems, such as a lead zirconate titanate (PZT).

            Technology Benefits:
            •Easily formable
            •High mechanical strength
            •Various stress mode is available (Bending, Tension, trampling, scratching)
            •The electric properties has been well-defined
            •Non-toxic and eco-friendly

            Possible Applications:
            Battery-less wireless devices, Power generating floor, Self-powered sensing system, Wearable electronics, Large-scale energy harvesting system

            Possible Collaborations:
            Collaborative research, License

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          • Energy-saving motorEnergy-saving motor


              We have reached to reduce input electric power to electric motor by 90%

              In other words, that our modified motor will consume 10% from the normal consumption

              In this video, the average consumption of each phase for the Unmodified motor is 2.29 A,

              But the average consumption of each phase for the modified motor is 0.22 A

              At the maximum load for the modified motor consumption up to 2.5 A for each phase

              But at the maximum load for the Unmodified motor consumption up to 3.5 A for each phase

              And both Unmodified motor and modified motor have 3000 rpm and 1.5 hp

              This idea is applicable to all motors various sizes

              Almost the modified motor does not consume electricity compared to the Unmodified motor.

              Let's watch this video.



              We have succeeded in reducing the consumption of electric power for the electric motor to 5%

              Yes .......... 5% of the basic consumption of the motor without any decrease in engine efficiency

              For example, if the natural consumption for each phase is 2.29 amp , less consumption of motor will be 0.1145 amp for each phase

              In the first attempts to reduce consumption, we have reached to 10% of the total consumption of the motor

              But our latest attempts to reduce consumption is 5% of the basic consumption of the motor

              This idea is suitable for all kinds of different engines in terms of type, size, and electrical power feeder motor

              But we are still working on access to less consumption possible

              This invention will save millions of dollars through energy saving and also increase the demand for buying this type of electric motor energy-saving

              Please contact us as soon as for the selection of the winning company purchased the invention.

              Thank you
              For contact :

              Eng mina morcos : 002 01273587909

              Email :

              Facebook : mina morcos

              Mr abanoub nage : 002 01276777185

              Email :

              Facebook : abanoub nage

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            • ESP-1 medium frequency shift power switching converterESP-1 medium frequency shift power switching...

                IPM develops a dual power, high voltage, medium frequency switching converter unit which works with hybrid drives, compact EMI, EMV, NEC, CE safe semiconductor power electronic stages, supporting capacitors and high voltage ferrite transformers to generate ultra short high voltage pulses and sparking burst groups. Advantages are based on uses of standard circuits with extended semiconductors for cluster, corona substrate treatment, ac/ac, ac/dc converter, drive units, frequency, upward or downward converter, power electronics supplies. Industry application of electrostatic perforation, converting, drives or others uses IGBT, MOSFET, HVFET semiconductor power stages.

                That circuits are working as converters with extremely short power pulses 0.05 up to 15 micro second, current peaks up to 300 Amps by du/dt of 2500 Volt per micro second on a serial connected inductivity and loading condenser where the secondary ferrite transformer coils supply sparking electrodes up to 50 Kilovolt as a permanent open loop and short circuit condition. A safety circuit logic and two hybrid drivers allows a alternately switching of semiconductor A and B which generating consequently higher operation frequencies and power levels meanwhile electrical and thermal conditions remains on each in the same range as in single switching status.

                Approximately double frequency and power level condition obtains higher switching efficiencies, more perforation power, higher corona treatment level, powerful drives, frequency converters etc. depends of industry applications.

                Semiconductors in high power, high current, high voltage circuits obtains in cluster perforation, surface treatment, modifications, corona, drives or other switching application frequencies up to 250 KHz, 1400 Volt, power levels up to 30 Kilowatt and more. Higher power efficiencies and lower switching losses are further advantages. The precise pulse timing by a certain time windows with constant or variable frequency generates with high voltages sparking holes sizes and sequences through the fast moving material webs. Repeat frequencies of the entire circuit can up to the double switching frequency of each semiconductor.

                As well for plasma jet control, heavy ion research, switching devices, power supplies, laser diode supplies, compact switching systems, frequency converter, emergency power supplies, ultra short mega peak current, ignition, sparking, arc, compressor, emergency, train, ship, vessel power supply, generator, fuel cell, upward, downward, stabilizer, soft starter, vector, phase, inverter, servo system, motion, stepping, spindle, CNC, machine, asynchronous, standard, motor, torque, automation, remote, hybrid, plug-in, car, battery, lithium, Ion, renewable, energy, wind, solar, panel, recycling, medical equipment, membrane filtration, robotic, photovoltaic, industrial automation. The patent is granted as DE10328937.

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                  So far we have been familiar with different solutions of vehicles that have classic drive unit by fossil fuels, hybrid vehicles and purely electric vehicles.
                  Our product is an electric vehicle, which connects to powered vehicle and by its motor power starts composition made of these two types of vehicles.
                  To a classic vehicle, it provides abilities such as

                  1) drive unit on electricity
                  Significantly lower electrical energy price comparing the price of fossil fuels even up to 75%. This price is even lower if the consumer has its own electrical energy producer

                  2) Carbon monoxide emission amounts 0%, the vehicle does not produce neither exhaust gases nor any other detrimental products.

                  3) Level of noise is lower per 90% comparing vehicles with classic drive units.

                  4) Vibrations made due to engine operations are also lower as comparing the piston engine it works with less motion of movable parts and less friction.

                  5) Energy utilization of energy consumed is up to 90%. Energy consumed that motor converts into mechanical energy has high degree of utilization comparing the engine with internal combustion, which high percentage of energy made by derivatives combustion – thermal expansive energy, releases without the possibility to use it and that energy efficiency level in fossil fuel vehicles is maximum up to 35%.

                  6) Vehicle has two driving axles that can work at the same time or by turning on only one of them at the time getting this way characteristic of vehicle for off-road driving.

                  7) Vehicle can easily be connected with mechanical connection with other types of vehicles such as semi-trailer achieving its compatibility - same drive unit for different means of transportation.

                  8) Vehicle provides higher vitality in traffic to a consumer as it has two separate drive units.

                  9) Vehicle provides additional trunk solving the problem of lack of conveying space in case of vehicles with small trunks.

                  10) Greater maneuverability of vehicle when having difficulty with parking and traffic jams, as the wheels are steered by direction

                  11) Better distribution of masses as external electromotive drive unit gives the role of stabilizer by its mass and prevents skidding by direction in case of sharp maneuvers.

                  12) Greater passive security of passengers in case of blow from the backside of vehicle, as in this case electromotive drive unit has the role of amortization area, which will receive greater part of blow energy.

                  13) Vehicle has the ability to produce electric energy and supply external consumers when it is in parking position.

                  14) Additional self-charging of batteries by solar photovoltaic cells when it is in parking position that can be blinds like pulled out and cover the roof of the trunk of motor vehicle and upper surface of powered vehicle, making batteries self-charging and giving the vehicle protection from strong sun or other atmosphere changes that can damage the car.

                  15) Three working modes:

                   Electro mod when the vehicle is moved by power of electromotor, which is supplied by electric energy from battery cells.

                   Hybrid mod, when electromotor of motor vehicle and motor of powered vehicle work together, vehicle in this situation has sum of power of these two motors, and also in this mod self-charging of batteries of motor vehicle over the electricity generator is realized.

                   Mod when powered vehicle starts its own engine on fossil fuels and the engine of motor vehicle is not active; this the situation battery cells are also self-charging by electricity generator, which is placed in the last vehicle on the picture.

                  16) Easy access to the components of vehicle in case of service or repair.

                  17) The possibility for vehicle theft is difficult as beside the regular barriers against theft it is necessary to decode control interface from the back motor vehicle.

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                • find the buyer for electronic parts_jotrin electronicsfind the buyer for electronic parts_jotrin...

                    Jotrin electronics Supply of basic electronic components, Various types of integrated circuits, Various types of capacitors, Various types of Resistors,Various types of Sensors, other passive components type.
           ,to find more types of electronic parts

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