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  • Vehicle Tire Track SystemVehicle Tire Track System

      The vehicle tire system is designed to provide all non-SUV vehicles (sedans) with the required equipment to make them function as an all-wheel-drive through all soft lands, whether sand or snow. The apparatus wii generate a continuous solid tracks that protect the tires from getting into the soft land, and then hinder the vehicle from moving. For further details, the patent could be accessed at

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    • Intelligent system for detecting tooth decay using piezo vibration and 100 accuracyIntelligent system for detecting tooth decay...

        Always Special attention has been paid to the accurate diagnosis of dental caries in dentistry.
        To detect dental caries At the occlusal levels via The perfect mirror And at interdental levels The use of radiographs of Bytewing .
        addition to the cost of Preparing radiographs , It expands the patient to x-rays, which itself has multiple complications.
        Different radiographic systems are one of the main diagnostic tools in dentistry.
        As a result of an increase in the number of illnesses resulting from laser imaging that is the result of this radiation , And the increase in radiation damage to humans.
        The best way to detect with 100% accuracy And without zero percentages, To improve the quality of decay detection and Renounce all the problems listed , Decided to design got this device.

        The complications and problems of radiographic systems:

        **Diseases of the skin and cancer caused by x-rays for dentists and patients
        **Physical complications for pregnant women in embryos
        **High cost in the preparation and maintenance of radiographic equipment
        **Lack of accurate diagnosis of decay (detection of up to 60%) Or the separation of amalgam from the tooth (detecting up to 25%) in the restorative tooth By radiography devices
        **Detection of decay (detection 0%) or separation of amalgam substance from the tooth in restorative tooth by oral sensors

        ** Specific objectives of the project

        1. Record the waves from healthy teeth
        2. Record the waves from the teeth with 0.5 mm cavities
        3. Record waves from teeth with 1 mm cavities
        4. Record waves from 1.5 mm cavities
        5. Record waves from teeth with 2 mm cavities
        6. Compare the two primitive groups together
        7. Record radiographs of sample teeth
        8. Review the synchronization of radiographic images with the designed model

        ** Applied Schemes

        • Possibility of examining tooth decay in pregnant women and the elderly
        • Facilitating the examination of dental caries and studying the separation of amalgam from the tooth in restored teeth ,dont need to go to radiographic centers And exposure to laser radiation (Notably, the most advanced X-ray devices are not able to do it)
        • High accuracy of detection than radiography devices up to 100% accuracy of detection
        • Cheaper prices, so all dentists will be able to buy this device
        • Because of its low cost of service, it does not cost much, and it's a welfare for patients
        • Avoiding time to go to the radiography clinic and returning to the dentist's office.

        Teeth are randomly divided into 5 groups of 20 teeth. In groups 1-4, cavities at 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 depths in the teeth will be created as a decay model. In the fifth group, no cavity will be created. By contacting the ultrasonic probe with the teeth, the waves received by the detector will be recorded.

        The next steps are as follows:
        1- 3D modeling of the device in Solidworkes 2016 Software
        2. Load dynamic forces and dynamic analysis with MC Adams software
        3. The loading forces of motion and vibration analysis software ANSYS 17.1
        4. Vibration testing of teeth with ME Scope software for comparison with modeling analysis
        Next step The teeth are parallel radiographs and the result will be compared with the model. Statistical analysis of data By one-agent variance analysis and The appropriate follow-up is used to compare two-dimensional groups in groups.

        At this point, our data will be ready for the device library And the device becomes the program.

        The cost of the Intelligent system for detecting tooth decay using piezo vibration and 100% accuracy:

        **Making the original model Body with a beautiful look:2500$
        **Modal and harmonic vibration testing on 200 human tooth samples ( We will receive from the bank of dentistry of medicin university):19000$
        **Build a humanoid robot to move and sit on a dental unit To view system performance :4000$


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      • Intelligent systems alternative to anesthetic treatment of dental and medical procedures Without the injection of any Anesthetic and Only using a special fixture For surgery and Dental surgeryIntelligent systems alternative to anesthetic...

          ** Specific objectives of the project:

          • Non-use of anesthetics in dentistry and in the next step for surgery of human organs
          • Measuring the actual rate of pain and fixing it and applying anti-acne in the form of nano-electric shocks

          ** Applied Schemes:

          • Possibility of dental surgery without any pain or stress that is present in all patients referred to the doctor)
          Facilitate dental operations Because of no pain (In most cases, despite the numbness in the intensity is palpable)
          • Not having any side effects for humans in the short or long term
          • Persuading people To provide health for oral and dental health and Increasing social health
          • No pain will be touched by the patient And will not touch any sensation of electrical shock

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        • Intelligent Endo Dental Surgical Robot with dental radiography system and webcam and injection of anesthetic plus dental decay Detection Portable intelligent devices via The piezoelectric system with 100% accuracy without any complicationsIntelligent Endo Dental Surgical Robot with...

            ►►AIM OF THE PROJECT
            Dentistry is the branch of medicine that requires a lot of power for a dentist. To
            enhance the quality of dental services and avoid all the problems mentioned and For ease
            of operation such as (Anesthetic infusion, X-RAY Photography, Time Management and
            milling tooth and …) we have decided to design this robot to earn these benefits:
            1- Avoid touch the Dental ando system to lips and tongue
            2- Tooth milling operations by robot
            3- Dental radiography by robot
            4- Video record via robot system in 5MP resolution
            5- Anesthetic infusion To the target by robot
            6- Time management
            7- Reduce of the extra costs
            8- to avoid being exposed to infectious agents such as practitioners (HCV, HBV
            «hepatitis B, C», and bacterial and fungal infections)
            9- Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders as "back pain, wrist pain, headaches,
            shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain"
            10- Avoid visual fatigue and premature fatigue.
            11- Avoid exposure to noise pollution
            12- Abatement of exposure to the rays' ionizing or non-ionizing "
            13- prevent skin allergy, allergy
            14- avoid the risks and hazards of chemicals such as mercury dental amalgams,
            resins, sealers and ...
            15- Dental decay Detection intelligent devices via the piezoelectric system with 100%
            accuracy without any complications
            16- In deprived regions by a dentist From anywhere in the world Controlled of the
            Internet (Including the poor and disadvantaged countries that Not respected The
            oral health ،Peoples can Repair the Teeth)

            **Intelligent dental robot video:
            **Intelligent dental robot video:

            ►if your company be Enthusiastic to buy Technology and
            technical knowledge of world first intelligent dental robot
            ,Respectfully we are ready to cooperate and send more details
            and movie of this robot
            Special Regards
            Aslan Khani Sheykh Rajab

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          • intelligent robotic wheelchairintelligent robotic wheelchair

              Intelligent Wheelchair Benefits :

              1- stair climbing to be quite intelligent image processing system to a height of 25 cm
              2- Crossing the hols and pits or raceway with intelligent image processing system

              3- Raising a disabled wheelchair seat height to the height of about one meter every time a disabled person wants to move in the same state
              4-The final speed of 27 kilometers per hour (as a vehicle for disabled people )

              5- Handling very easy ( the wheelchair for easy disassembly and separate into 8 pieces and includes a removable passenger car
              6- wheelchair batteries charged by solar batteries

              7-Control system via manual control system and image process auto controlling and computer brain interface system

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            • Freezer LCD separator for Mobile phone LCD Glass Frame 50Hz 41346CMFreezer LCD separator for Mobile phone LCD Glass...

                Freezer LCD separator for Mobile phone LCD Glass Frame 380v 50Hz 41*34*6CM
                Product Features:
                1. Separating the Glass.
                Separating the OCA.
                Separating the Frame.
                Separating the Backlight for iPhone, For samsung, For LG, For Sony, For HTC…ect.
                2. No need to change the polarizer film.
                3. Can keep the backlight, Also can take off the backlight.
                How to Use:
                Put the LCD in freeze pate.
                After several seconds to 2mins, Based on different screen, Then take out and separate it.
                Welcome to contact us for operating video.
                Details information:
                Functions 1. Glass
                2. Frame
                3. OCA, Backlight
                Working Plug the power cable
                Color White
                Voltage 380V
                50Hz, and 1800w
                Working area For mobile & Laptop
                Package size 70x 67 x 124 (CM)
                Weight 195KG
                Packing Foam box+Hard wooden box

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              • 8 Bands Remote Control RF Jammer for All Cellular GPS Lojack AlarmCPJP88 Bands Remote Control RF Jammer for All Cellular...

                  8 Bands Remote Control RF Jammer for All Cellular, GPS, Lojack, Alarm,CPJP8
                  Effective range: Up to 20meters radius, depending on the strength and type of cellular, GPS tracker, Lojack sytem, car remote control Jammer system;
                  Input Power: Li Battery AC110/220V-DC12/2500mA/h;
                  Antenna: External omni-directional;
                  Operation temperature: 0-50;
                  Humidity: 5%-80%;
                  Size: L 11.9cm X W7.4cm X H29cm;
                  1. This series cover six or eight frequency bands or with bigger jamming distance.
                  2. This device utilizes a unique low power radio signal technology that interferes with the communication between wireless handsets and base station.
                  3. Block all cellular phone, GPS tracker, Lojack sytem, car remote control communication, in you controlled area or to avoid information from being disclosed secretly during meeting, and yet it is jamming silently without user's awareness.
                  4. Easily operated and user-friendly, no hassle installation needed, need no professional knowledge or skill, a DIY designed device to suit everyone, everywhere and anytime.
                  5. Low Output power will not cause harm to human body or medical equipment
                  6. Inside fans cool system.
                  7. Inside rechargeable battery, working 2-3hours by battery.
                  1. Hospital, medical center or where medical instruments should not be disturbed by cellular signal.
                  2. theater, cinema, museum and art gallery.
                  3. conference rooms, offices, libraries, schools and restaurant.
                  Model# CPJ-P8A: Cellular phones+GPS+Wi-Fi+Lojack
                  1)CDMA&GSM: 850 to960MHz
                  2)DCS&PCS: 1, 805 to 1990MHz
                  3)3G: 2, 110 to 2, 170MHz
                  4)Wi-Fi: 2400 to 2483MHz
                  5)GPS: 1570-1580MHz (GPSL1)
                  6)4G WIMAX: 2620-2690 MHz
                  7)4G LTE: 790-821MHz
                  8)LOJACK: 160-175MHz
                  CPJ-P8B+ Cellular phones+Wi-Fi+433MHz+315MHz
                  1)CDMA&GSM: 850 to960MHz
                  2)DCS&PCS: 1, 805 to 1990MHz
                  3)3G: 2, 110 to 2, 170MHz
                  4)Wi-Fi: 2400 to 2483MHz
                  5)GPS: 1570-1580MHz (GPSL1)
                  6)4G WIMAX: 2620-2690 MHz
                  7)4G LTE: 790-821MHz
                  8)LOJACK: 160-175MHz
                  We can do customize frequency according to you request, please email us

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                • 16 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model 3G 4G WiFi Signal detector with Cooling FanCPJX1616 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model 3G...

                    16 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model, 3G 4G WiFi GPS Signal detector with Cooling Fan,CPJX16

                    One of our the best desktop models with 16 antennas and range up to 50m that jamm all Low bands 130-500Mhz ,
                    all types of Android phones,Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, VHF, UHF, GPS and remote control signals
                    from various devices such as rc cars, rc boats, alarms, wireless sensors, amateur or professional remotely controlled toys, etc.

                    16 Bands type frequency :
                    1.130-200MHz; (3W)
                    3.300-400MHz; (3W)
                    4.400-500MHz; (3W)
                    5.700-800mhz; (3W)
                    6.800-900mhz; (3W)
                    7.900-980mhz; (3W)
                    8.1050-1200MHz; (2W)
                    9.1200-1390MHz; (2W)
                    10.1500-1600mhz; (3W)
                    11.1700-1800MHz; (3W)
                    12.1800-2000Mhz; (3W)
                    13.2100-2199MHz; (3W)
                    14.2300-2400Mhz; (2W)
                    15.2400-2500mhz; (2W)
                    16.2500-2700MHz; (2W)
                    TOTAL : 41W

                    1.Each of 16 frequency module/band is separate and adjustable.
                    2.All 16 Frequency modules we can mix very flexible, Any combinations and customizations of frefenices are possible, so just send us your inquiry and we will give you our recommendation.
                    3. Jamming Range Radius 10~50meters (-75dBm Omnidirectional antennas);
                    4.The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and location;
                    5.Working time: Without the time limit, may continue to work;
                    6.Antenna: 300mm long;
                    7.Power supply: AC100-240V and 12V cable to Car Battery (300mm Long);
                    8.Dimension:395 x 238 x 60mm;
                    10.Package contents:
                    *1pc Desktop portable Jammer;
                    *1pc AC Charger;
                    *1pc Car Charger;
                    *16pc Antenna;

                    Welcome to Necom-telecom,
                    we are jammer manufacturer for 8 years, hope our products are workable for your market.

                    Professional manufacture following products:
                    1)Portable Cell Phone Jammer/Blocker;
                    2)Bloqueador Portable/Jammer;
                    3)GPS Jammer;
                    4)Wifi Jammer/Camera Jammer;
                    5)UHF&VHF Jammer;
                    6)High Power Cell Phone Jammer/Blocker;
                    7)Cellphone booster/repeater;
                    8)RF signal detector;

                    2G,3G,4G, GPS, WIFI, VHF, UHF, 315, 433 ,Lojack all the frequency can be customized as your request!

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