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  • CTPT  AnalyzerCTPT Analyzer

      Product Introduction
      ZCCTP-1000 CT/PT Analyzer is designed for analyzing current transformers and voltage transformers of protection or measurement use, which is suitable for laboratory and on-site test.

      Alternative Name
      CT Tester

      Product Features
      1.5.7inch LCD screen display.
      2.Full functions, satisfy all kinds of CT(protection CT, measuring CT, TP) test requirements, such as excitation characteristic test, turn ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary burden, ratio error, angular difference and etc. Also it can be used to test excitation characteristic, turn ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance,ratio error, angular difference and etc all kinds of PT.
      3.More efficient to test CT, no need to use standard CT, primary current injection device, load case, voltage regulation control and high current lead to verify the CT.
      4.Meets IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6 standards of all kinds of CT/PT.
      5.Accurately measure ratio error and angular error. Max. Ratio error ±0.05% is permitted. Max. Angular error ±2min if permitted. It can measure 0.2S class CT and turns ratio range is 1-35000.
      6.Auto test CT/PT parameters on knee point voltage/current, 5% and 10% deviation curve measurement, Accuracy limit factor (ALF), safety factor (FS), second time constants (Ts), residual magnetism factor(Kr), saturated and unsaturated inductance.
      7.Using variable frequency method to test VA curves and 10% error curve of CT/TP. Max. Output is 180V and 5A rms(15A peak value), but it can make CT test when keen point is up to 60kV.
      8.Easy to use. To test CT DC resistance, excitation and polarity only by one button. All CT tests adopt same one connect method except load test.
      9.Storage 1000 groups data, data can be saved even power down. Equipped with micro printer to print test result after testing completed.
      10.est results can be download by USB disk.
      11.Small size, weight is no more than 10kg, suitable for on-site use.

      Specific need to negotiate price, product display prices are for reference only.

      Product Parameters
      Output 0~ 18 0V rms , 5 A rms , 15 A (peak   value)
      Voltage measurement accuracy ±0. 05 %
      CT turns ratio measurement Range 1~ 30 000
      Accuracy ±0. 2 %
      PT turns ratio measurement Range 1~ 3 0 000
      Accuracy ±0. 2 %
      Phase measurement Accuracy ± 5 min
      Resolution 0. 5 min
      Secondary winding resistance measurement Range 0~ 30 0Ω
      Accuracy 2 %± 2 mΩ
      AC load measurement Range 0~300VA
      Accuracy 2 %± 0.2VA
      Power input AC220V± 1 0% , 50H z
      Operation environment Temperature: -10 ο C~50 ο C
      Humidity: ≤90%
      Size&Weight Dimension: 3 65 mm× 29 0 mm×15 3 mm Weight:   < 10 kg

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    • CTPT Volt-Ampere Characteristic TesterCTPT Volt-Ampere Characteristic Tester

        Product Introduction
        ZC-102 Transformer comprehensive tester can measures of CT, I-V curve and curve, 5%, 10% error curve according to the polarity of the national standard, DC resistance, and ratio; direct measurement of voltage transformer turns ratio; qualitative measurement of voltage transformer ratio error and polarity; field measurements of the actual secondary load of current and voltage mutual inductor and so on.

        Product Features
        1.Only need to set the test voltage, current and step, the device will boost and describe the voltage current characteristic test curve automatically, save manual pressure regulation, artificial record, tracing curves, and so cumbersome labor. Quick, simple and convenient.
        2.Wiring is simple, simple wiring can test the entire PT, CT.
        3.Comprehensive functions, which can test the volt ampere characteristics of CT, ratio and polarity, CT 5% and 10% error curve, flow test, AC withstand voltage test.
        4.If the output voltage cannot meet the requirements of the single machine, we also can use external booster test.
        5.Instrument using 220V power input, avoid the risk of using 380V.
        6.Volt ampere characteristics test unit output voltage 0-2500V, the current 0-20A; the booster output voltage 0-4000V, current 0-1.5A, can do the volt ampere characteristics test of current 0-1.5A grade 1A.
        7.Large screen liquid crystal display, the test can be showed by the volt ampere curve directly, intuitive and convenient.
        8.With a miniature printer, the test data can be printed conveniently, the digital keyboard is adopted, and the digital input is convenient.
        9.With a large capacity memory, can store 1000 sets of test data will not lost when power off.
        10.Rs232 communication interface can be connected to the computer for testing, test data can be uploaded to the computer to edit and save.

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      • Transformer Ratio TesterTransformer Ratio Tester

          Product Introduction
          This product applies to test the transformer ratio, group and polarity of the single/three phase transformer and voltage transformer. It is small volume, light weight, high precision, and good stability.

          Product Features
          1. The internal integrated amplitude of the instrument is stable and adjustable, the phase is constant, and the output current is large.
          2. The device can be used for testing various transformers, current transformers and voltage transformers, and is especially suitable for the test of the Z type winding transformer, the rectifier transformer and the balance transformer.
          3. The test precision is high, and the instrument adopts 16 bit high precision AD converter and DSP (digital signal processing) chip, which can ensure the accuracy of the measurement and the ability of anti disturbance.
          4. Measurement speed, a set of data test need a few seconds, in the multi - test process of the transformer only need set once the parameters can be completed all the sub - test, greatly improve the efficiency of work.
          5. According to the test sample, the instrument can automatically adjust the range, and according to the excitation current of the sample the output power can be adjusted automatically.
          6. The interior has a thermal protection, with automatic check wiring function.

          Product Parameters
          Environment condition: Temperature: -5 °C~50 °C
          Relative humidity <95%(25°C)
          Altitude <2500mm
          External interference: no special strong vibration, no special strong electromagnetic field
          Power supply 160VAC-280VAC,45Hz~55Hz
          Output range 20V gear: Voltage0~20V Current 0~10V
          50V gear: Voltage0!50V Current0~5A
          The ratio test range 1~4000
          Group test range 0~11
          Angle measurement range 0°~ 360° or - 180°~ 180°

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        • H30 kitH30 kit

            2016 Koncare Vape Storm H30 8.5v/ 30W 2200mah Box Mod EC II Tank OLED mod Bulit-in E-cigarettes

            1. variable power ,7w -30w

            2. variable voltage, 2.5v-8.5v

            3. 2200 mah Battery Oled Mod.

            4. With special VC tank atomizer,FF pure organic cotton,no bad taste in high-temperature heating.

            H30 mini Packaging:

            1*H30 mod
            1*EC TANK atomizer
            1*EC tank coil
            1*rubber ring
            1*usb charger cable
            1*gift box

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          • KeyTop Electric Kebab Knife Shawarma Slicer Gyros Cutter Doner Machine Meat ShaverKeyTop Electric Kebab Knife Shawarma Slicer Gyros...

              Product Name:
              English: Kebab Slicer ; Kebab Knife ; Shawarma Knife ; Gyros Knife
              Deutsch: Dönermesser ; Gyrosmesser ; KebabMesser ; DönerSchneider 
              Français: Couteau à kebab ; Couteaux à Kebab

              Power: 80 W 
              Length Of Power Cord: 3 Meter 
              Blade Diameter: 100 MM 
              Cutting Depth: 0-8 MM(Can Be Adjusted) 
              Daily Cutting Capacity: 60 KG 
              N.W: 1.2 KG 
              Suitable For: All Kebab Machine, Shawarma Machine, Gyros Machine 

              Package Included 
              1 x Kebab Slicer 
              1 x One Extra Round Blade
              1 x Whetstone 
              1 x Manual 
              Packing: Brown box 

              Portable And Convenient; Easy To Use And Clean;
              Sold And Shipped From Manufacturer Directly; 

              Enjoy your kebab, Shawarma, Gyros with more convenient and more efficient way 
              The blade is super sharp, so it'll cut through lamb, chicken, any thing you like, with ease and finesse - and, as we also throw in a whet-stone, you can keep it that way for the blades lifetime. The device is kept safe with a practical blade Protector - and the handle has been ergonomically designed so that it fit's into the hand perfectly. We've designed our slicer so it's easy to clean and maintain - the blade can be removed using a simple locking screw 

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            • 3D night lamp3D night lamp

                Hi! I would like to license this patent:


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              • 360 camera360 camera

                  Dual lens 360 sport action camera
                  High Definition Support:
                  1080P (Full-HD)
                  Media Type:
                  HDD / Flash Memory
                  Optical Zoom:
                  < 10x
                  Screen Size:
                  < 2"
                  Black, Blue / Green, Brown, Multi, Orange, Purple, Red / Pink, Silver / Gray, White, Yellow / Gold
                  Place of Origin:
                  Guangdong, China (Mainland)
                  product name:
                  PDV3600 dual lens 360 sport action camera
                  Image Sensor:
                  8.0 M CMOS*2
                  View Angle:
                  Interface port:
                  Micro USB x 1
                  MINI HDMI
                  Lithium Battery 1400mAh
                  Video Resolution:
                  1920*1080 30fps

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                • ToysCollectorToysCollector

                    Toys-collector main serve for toy enthusiasts and distributor,we professional to supply Transformer,Original Car Model, UAV,Autobots and so on by wholesale and retail. And freeshipping online store.If you are interesed in this kind of toys,please feel free to contact us,or log in our website to have a look first:

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