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  • Thermal Solar CellThermal Solar Cell

      This new designs absorbs all solar energy that fond in solar radiation and convert to thermal energy that depends on it to produce electricity power directly through special devices called electrons emitters consists of special material .
      this means the all solar energy is absorbs so the efficiency of theses designs is high .
      so the solar energy is concentrated at first ,then convert to thermal energy . finally the thermal energy use to produce electrical energy producing electrical energy in three steps
      • Concentrating solar energy
      • Converting Concentrated solar energy to thermal energy
      • Converting thermal energy to electrical energy
      so it called thermal solar cell .

      thermal solar cell consists of
      1. Sun rays concentrating system
      That concentrate solar radiation in focus
      2. Sun tractor that flow the sun on sky
      3. -Solar energy absorber system
      Solar energy absorber is the part that convert the concentrated solar energy to thermal energy
      4. System of converting thermal energy to electrical energy (Producing electricity system)
      This system is compound from same material convert directly thermal energy that produced in Solar energy absorber system to electrical energy
      (The thermal energy converted to electricity by phenomena of
      - thermionic emission that mains realizing electron from the surface when heated to high temperature
      - And electrical field between surfaces of semi-conductors)

      This thermal solar cell produced electricity from thermal energy of concentrated solar energy by efficiency 60%

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    • Extended crank engineExtended crank engine

        The value of torque of an engine mainly depends on two factors, the radius of the crank shaft and the amount of fuel burnt. This idea deals with the increase in the torque of an engine by increasing the crankshaft radius. Greater the crankshaft radius, greater will be the torque available. But the increase in the crankshaft radius will cause an increase in the compression ratio which leads to knocking. Hence the radius of the crankshaft is limited to a safe value. This is an idea that proposes an innovative mechanism by which the radius of the crankshaft can be increased without increasing the compression ratio. Thus, with the increase in crankshaft radius, the torque of the engine will also increase. This will also increase the net power output of the engine, thereby increasing the efficiency of the engine.

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          The Increasing energy efficiency in the buildings, the reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the transition to a secure electricity - our invention is an elegant and modern solves of these pressing problems. The invention allows to use renewable solar energy almost in every house or apartment, and to produce the electricity for home needs. This invention can really to bring you good money!

          The market of «green» technologies, their implementation and the sale is not yet sufficiently developed. Despite this, the share of «green» market is growing. Only in Europe for the last in 2011 the share increased by 40%! The many economic observers compared the growth «green» market with the time when the market of the computer technology grew with explosive rate, the growth that was able bring for the first investors of those days the untold riches. Matter who was first on this «green» market, depends all things.
          The level of efficiency of solar panels went up in recent times with minor 9% efficiency up to significant 43% efficiency - this is a new result for the solar cells.
          Based on many facts, was born the idea of ​​invention, "The blinds with the control mechanism, placed between the glasses frames with Double Glazing, with solar panels which fasten on the surface of the blinds in order to extract electricity".
          A Picture of the invention with explanation:
          The rays of sunlight (11), from the outside of the frame (1), penetrate through the glass (2) and fall on solar panels (4) which are fasten on horizontal lamella blinds (5) generate electricity. Depleted electricity (Ui) comes to energy storage (10). In this device the vertical metal rods (3) have openings that are hinged joint attached to the attachments of horizontal lamella blinds (5) thus when the vertical displacement of only one of them, the blinds could be opened or closed.
          This camera is a standard Double Glazing (6) air or gas has a function of the casing. An airproof structure, it is reliably and at a great time protects the device and other mechanisms of getting foreign objects, as well as protects them from dust.
          The invention has already passed the stage of search and publishing in the UK, and according to search results at that stage, has no analogues in the UK.
          Furthermore, we plan to register a trademark. Moreover, we have the secret Know How for this invention, which will give the strong and long-term competitive advantage.
          Was created the working model of the principle. This model works better than expected: it generates the electricity, not only under direct sunlight, it can generate electricity, under ordinary desk lamp inside the house. This means it will be indispensable in a cloudy climate of the Great Britain.
          This invention is an elegant and modern solution of the following urgent problems:
          - Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide
          - Increased energy independence and energy efficiency of buildings
          Each user who will install the windows with our technology will be able to watch a modern TV, use a mobile phone, computer and the Internet -and all this can be done without using external power, and therefore almost free of charge.
          A matter is that the invention makes it possible to collect solar energy, not only directly on the roofs of houses, which have limited capacity and the space associated with existing technological solutions, but also allows users to collect and generate electricity in almost every building, office or private, for their own needs by using a window with our technology.
          - Allows us to proceed on the safe sources of energy
          There is a WORKING PROTOTYPE and the finished BUSINESS PLAN. With an initial investment into $ 600,000.00 profit in five years will reach to $ 55,160,000.00. Remember, in the world where stock prices are constantly falling only such an investment like this can give you a chance to significantly earn. I have already started two start-up before.
          Sincerely, with knowledge and experience,
          Artem Vorobyov

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            The problem to be solved:
            Increase of luminous efficiency of fluorescence light sources.

            To achieve an increase of luminous efficiency, the phosphor is put on the internal surface of a transparent biunique bulb, and on internal surface of a transparent biunique bulb and on the special designs inside a lamp. The general area surpasses the area of a biunique bulb, and on these designs the phosphor is marked.

            All areas where the phosphor will be used as the light source, in particular in fluorescence lighting devices.

            * Advantages:
            Increase of the working area on which the phosphor is marked, that means increase of total
            phosphor used in lamps of illumination, without increase in the volume of a biunique bulb.

            Efficiency: the general illuminating intensity is increased.

            Patent pending
            First published: 2001 on

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          • eletric Guneletric Gun

              this patent for sale is for a gun that can shot contintrted beams of electic plasma and has the ablity to shot down a plane the size of a building and not blow it up i am offering a agrement to sale this to a milatery or a compeny that deals with exporting and importing of weapons this is made possabal becouse of the vacome rubber enged tip tubs that are fitted to be like a bullet but when pulled the trigger it has a magnetic pull on the beams of electic and then it dispreses it in the dir you are aiming this is a vary seriues weapon it can under the right cond like a occean it can kill with in 30 miles from the point it was amied at so i will be wiling to anser iney QST you have my contact numbers are 949-241-0483 and my skype id is jody.williams68 573-270-1555 573-837-4579 all numbers are active and ready to get calls you can call me iney time of the day or nite i travel the globe so i am used to getting calls thanks for takeing the time to read this

              Economic and financial information

              markets milatery defence and forein milatery defence also a back up to a convention weapon so it can bring in qiute a bit of money also if you are a weapons freak like me then this is for you and i can be reached at the numbers in the DEC area on this page have a great day,
              [9:51:02 AM] jody williams williams williams: 949-241-0483

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            • Freezing Power MotorsFreezing Power Motors

                New engine concept that uses the enormous force produced from the expansion of freezing water; this engine runs on cold natural source as a new renewable energy or from specially designed freezers. This engine is pollution free and silent.
                Note that: The Astonishingly Expansive Force of Freezing Water is about thirteen tons and a half. This apparatus is a low cost investment that can transform all this force to useful energy in comparison with the very costly energy produced from steam turbine and conventional internal combustion engine; that uses fossil fuel or nuclear power.

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                  So far we have been familiar with different solutions of vehicles that have classic drive unit by fossil fuels, hybrid vehicles and purely electric vehicles.
                  Our product is an electric vehicle, which connects to powered vehicle and by its motor power starts composition made of these two types of vehicles.
                  To a classic vehicle, it provides abilities such as

                  1) drive unit on electricity
                  Significantly lower electrical energy price comparing the price of fossil fuels even up to 75%. This price is even lower if the consumer has its own electrical energy producer

                  2) Carbon monoxide emission amounts 0%, the vehicle does not produce neither exhaust gases nor any other detrimental products.

                  3) Level of noise is lower per 90% comparing vehicles with classic drive units.

                  4) Vibrations made due to engine operations are also lower as comparing the piston engine it works with less motion of movable parts and less friction.

                  5) Energy utilization of energy consumed is up to 90%. Energy consumed that motor converts into mechanical energy has high degree of utilization comparing the engine with internal combustion, which high percentage of energy made by derivatives combustion – thermal expansive energy, releases without the possibility to use it and that energy efficiency level in fossil fuel vehicles is maximum up to 35%.

                  6) Vehicle has two driving axles that can work at the same time or by turning on only one of them at the time getting this way characteristic of vehicle for off-road driving.

                  7) Vehicle can easily be connected with mechanical connection with other types of vehicles such as semi-trailer achieving its compatibility - same drive unit for different means of transportation.

                  8) Vehicle provides higher vitality in traffic to a consumer as it has two separate drive units.

                  9) Vehicle provides additional trunk solving the problem of lack of conveying space in case of vehicles with small trunks.

                  10) Greater maneuverability of vehicle when having difficulty with parking and traffic jams, as the wheels are steered by direction

                  11) Better distribution of masses as external electromotive drive unit gives the role of stabilizer by its mass and prevents skidding by direction in case of sharp maneuvers.

                  12) Greater passive security of passengers in case of blow from the backside of vehicle, as in this case electromotive drive unit has the role of amortization area, which will receive greater part of blow energy.

                  13) Vehicle has the ability to produce electric energy and supply external consumers when it is in parking position.

                  14) Additional self-charging of batteries by solar photovoltaic cells when it is in parking position that can be blinds like pulled out and cover the roof of the trunk of motor vehicle and upper surface of powered vehicle, making batteries self-charging and giving the vehicle protection from strong sun or other atmosphere changes that can damage the car.

                  15) Three working modes:

                   Electro mod when the vehicle is moved by power of electromotor, which is supplied by electric energy from battery cells.

                   Hybrid mod, when electromotor of motor vehicle and motor of powered vehicle work together, vehicle in this situation has sum of power of these two motors, and also in this mod self-charging of batteries of motor vehicle over the electricity generator is realized.

                   Mod when powered vehicle starts its own engine on fossil fuels and the engine of motor vehicle is not active; this the situation battery cells are also self-charging by electricity generator, which is placed in the last vehicle on the picture.

                  16) Easy access to the components of vehicle in case of service or repair.

                  17) The possibility for vehicle theft is difficult as beside the regular barriers against theft it is necessary to decode control interface from the back motor vehicle.

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                • Electric Power GenerationElectric Power Generation

                    Converting Earths gravitational force into into electrical energy

                    In prior art hydro electricity is generated using water wheel, to convert kinetic energy of flowing water in rivers into mechanical energy. This converted mechanical energy is used to generate electric power. The draw back of this known art is low efficiency of water wheel. The reason for low efficiency is because the width of water wheel is not equal to width of river, due to this water changes its flow direction from the sides of water wheel, where the resistance is less than the water wheel resistance. So the total available kinetic energy of flowing water is not converted into mechanical energy, thus reducing the efficiency of water wheel. The river water after converting into electricity flows into the sea and can not be re used for generating electricity. And also the rivers will not flow to maximum level through out the year, in summer, the rivers get dry and electricity can not be generated. The above said invention over comes the drawbacks of known art, by making water to flow by gravity in artificial open channels and reusing water again and again with out wasting, using pump after converting into electricity, and by using efficient water wheels.

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