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  • Guiding StarGuiding Star

      Many abilities are highly attractive, especially artistic as well as sports skills. But under natural conditions, their acquisition is really hard work.

      But learning psychology has a tool to make things easier: observational learning, a type of learning that happens as a result of observing the behaviour of another person – your Guiding Star.

      The invention unlocks and amplifies the potential of observational learning:

      Guiding Star allows applying observational learning in fields where this has been difficult or even impossible, like learning to play the piano.

      Guiding Star includes technology that makes this type of learning even more efficient than under natural conditions, e.g. in the field of karate. The user can observe the model’s behaviour as well as his performance in an integrated way.

      Technically speaking, in optimizing observational learning Guiding Star creates a spatiotemporal contiguity.

      Commercial Application

      Guiding Star can be applied to a large spectrum of artistic and sports skills. It opens up opportunities for two business areas:

      If a model is physically present: the system consists of technical equipment.

      If a model is not physically present: the system includes also audiovisual content presenting the model and its behaviour.

      The technical realisation of Guiding Star ranges from home-based systems to high-end installations, e.g., in leisure parks.

      Current Status

      A patent application has been filed. The potential of Guiding Star is demonstrated by prototypes. The inventors offer licenses and opportunities for further development of this technology.

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    • Kunstwelt - beyond KaraokeKunstwelt - beyond Karaoke

        The high interest in participating in artistic performances is evidenced by the success of Karaoke. Kunstwelt goes beyond by providing a genuine immersive experience.

        The user becomes part of the artistic event: he feels singing and playing in a company, taking an integral part or role in the performance. Doing so, he is assisted by the presentation of a virtual role model that he can mimic.

        Thus, even complete newcomers can start immediately. And Kunstwelt is not limited to single users; shared experiences in the context of multi-user applications are included.

        Commercial Application

        Unlike Karaoke, Kunstwelt is not restricted to singing. It can be applied to virtually all types of artistic performances, including stage, plays, and dance theater.

        Kunstwelt opens up opportunities for two business areas:

        Special technical equipment, ranging from home-based systems to sophisticated and high-end installations in dedicated areas.

        Creation of content: again, the spectrum includes the consumer market as well as elaborate productions for, e.g., leisure parks.

        The business fields are dynamically linked. E.g., the customers can get a first impression of the power of Kunstwelt using their standard equipment at home, subsequently investing in sophisticated hardware and content.

        Current Status

        A patent application has been filed. The potential of Kunstwelt is demonstrated by prototypes. The inventors offer licenses and opportunities for further development of this technology.

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      • The world wide swap  trade  the giftThe world wide swap trade the gift

          What I have is a huge multi-player, PC online game for CD Rom, The social network game of the future with massive revenue potential, not yet on the market. This is a revenue building game/ business only.
          Called: The world wide swap & trade / The Gift, Provisional Patent #61/664,548
          The unique features of this invention will provide for the following benefits;
          1. Next generation in personal gaming
          2. Allows players to become an actual part of the game
          3. Provides real time rewards and keeps players striving toward The Gift
          4. Game can continue indefinitely, even after the main objective has
          been reached
          5. Create jobs in Information Technology, Marketing, and Various sectors.
          6. Provide the largest single advertising place for the world’s advertisers.
          I, Mr. Baillum wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact my (Game)
          development and production will have on individuals and the market(s)
          to which it will be promoted. The fact that this game offers a real gift is incentive to players to want
          to play. This is a complex concept for the next generation in gaming. As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, my invention has unique features which are not available on the market. The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift, is a game in which players and their cities and states are actually part of the game. I, Mr. Baillum envision my product appealing to the millions of game enthusiasts worldwide. Our society is always seeking new ways to improve personal leisure and satisfy the need for competition and achievement, and The World Wide Swap and Trade/ The Gift certainly fits the bill. With roughly six billion eligible people in the world, Research shows that one in four internet users visit online game websites, bringing the annual total to more than 217 million online game players worldwide. Online game communities are populated by people from both sexes and all age groups. The markets are extensive for a global concept such as this.
          (If you would like to see or no more, please feel free to contact me. Leandrew L. Baillum Owner. 1814 Arnold street Philadelphia, Pa.19152
          Direct Phone # (267)303-2149.or (215)613-6001 E-Mail me at, I’m seeking a (real) time tested professional cutting edge companies, With the technology and innovation to take on a very unique project, to produce marketing and licensing my game, Bringing the largest worldwide group of gamers together at once with a new cutting edge game, The world wide swap & trade the gift, potentially the largest (social network) game of the future, In the world today. With massive revenue potential
          What exactly is: The world wide swap & trade / the gift?
          From a player prospective it’s a social network game were multitudes of players in every city, states interact with one another building a inventory to trade, swap and, save in order to reach the gift of the game. From a prospectors view, an opportunity, how can this game make me money? Let’s take a look at that. This game is constructed and designed to assemble paid members together on a massive level over the internet from every city in all fifty states. 1. The direct results are massive revenue, because this game will cost in the range of $19.95-to- $39.95. 2. The game becomes a business. 3. It has the structure to become as big as, or bigger than face book, Google or any other social network. 4. It will have an advertising audience on a steady base. One thing for sure it will have true income from the start, most social networks relies on other sources powered by them to bring income to them by the number of followers they have. The world wide swap & trade / the gift, streams income from the sales of players to the game, those numbers could be huge! It also has a pay advantage process within the game that keep’s revenue Cumming. So, to answer the question, what exactly is: The world wide swap & trade /

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        • Alcoholic fizz tabsAlcoholic fizz tabs

            A new way to make mixed drinks! Picture an ice cold soda now picture your favorite alcoholic beverage infused into a dissolvable tablet! Simply drop it in amd presto you have a mixed drink

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              Headphones have become ubiquitous within the modern world; and for good reason, people love their music. Understandably, people hate when something comes between them and their music. Unfortunately, headphones often become a vexing obstacle between the user and their music. Anybody who uses headphones will tell you that one of the most aggravating situations is when their all set to listen to their music, they get their media device out only to find the cables in a tangled mess.
              Although untangling the headphones only takes a few minutes this is an inconvenience the user would rather not deal with. Enthusiasts and headphone producers have long recognized the problems associated with tangled cables, spending millions of dollars in research and development. Unfortunately, the result of this research has created subpar products that are either too inconvenient to use or are ineffective at improving the users experience. It has been proven many times that users are unhappy with the current headphones design and their poor tangle resistance. Moreover, there is a proven market for solutions. For example, one of many market proven products includes the Kickstarter Project CordCruncher, the project raised over $66,000 in just 30 days ( There are many other Kickstarter Projects that have raised over $600,000 for cable solutions.
              Our solution has the same functionality as the Cord Cruncher Headphones, and more. The product would be cheaper, more versatile, and convenient to use; solving the annoying problems associated with tangled, damaged, strained, or knotted headphone cables while opening up possibilities for more creative uses of headphones. The solutions functions by using a special wire integrated into the headphone cable, the wire is commonly known as memory metal and has riveting properties. The memory metal allows the user to use the headphones, as they normally would, however in order to conveniently wrap the cables up for storage the user may press a button that causes the memory metal to return to a predefined shape. Useful predefined shapes may be a tidy coil, compact winding that contours to an electronic device, or even an Apple Logo! The possible shapes, sizes, and configurations are endless; any shape that cables can be wound into can be achieved automatically by using integrated memory metal. Custom designs may include the user name, a word, or customer design.

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                We are seeking funding for an exciting video venture. This video will profit the same year that it is funded! The ROI is negotiable. For more details, please respond to our posting.

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                  We write to you today to introduce and at the same time solicit your interest to partner with a client of ours who has invented a guitar called;
                  THE MOBILE GUITAR
                  A guitar which is electromagnetic and functions without being connected to current flow or electricity.
                  A guitar which uses rechargeable batteries and these batteries has the capacity to last for 5 hours.

                  A guitar which produces 3 sound systems
                  a- The bassist
                  b- The soloist
                  c- The rhythmic
                  Please, we welcome your propositions as it is negotiations that we are opening.
                  For a check of DUE DILIGENCE, contact the American Embassy in Cameroon or the WIPO office in the USA and we shall give you our Patent title number.

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                • two-wheel electric skateboardtwo-wheel electric skateboard

                    I am a Chinese, I have a new type of electric skateboard invented
                    That only two wheels, a small size, light weight, flexible movement, has more interesting advantages.
                    I've already filed a patent application.
                    Attached is his model image are the video on their website:
                    Because I have no good production conditions, so that it looks ugly and rough, but it has shown good performance.

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