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  • Singular KayakSingular Kayak

      new leisure boat concept developed to be light, detachable, easy to transport and with sail and engine options.
      Based on the ordinary kayak we all know, but with special characteristics to make it available to all kind of public:

      * Full size : 4,00 mts for 1 passenger 5,00mts for 2 passengers
      * Detachable : fits in a box 1,1×0,6×0,6Mts
      * Light : weights only 20Kg
      * Rigid : full rigid hull for high performance characteristics
      * Sail : Designed for good sailing performance too.

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    • Micro Mobile Marketing Robot M3R Billboard or Digital SignageMicro Mobile Marketing Robot M3R Billboard or...

        What M³R advertising:
        The successful mobile billboard industry is a part of American life, providing advertising opportunities for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Despite its success, this industry overlooks a vast untapped market sector which includes
        • Indoor shopping malls
        • Exhibitions and show fairs
        • Airports and transportation terminals
        • Indoor specialty clubs (sports, social, health)
        • The entertainment sector
        • Convention centers
        • Lodging, resort, hospitality, and tourism sector
        • Political campaign sector
        This untapped market is largely overlooked and under-utilized due to the lack of mobile marketing technology.
        The current availability of Micro Mobile Marketing Robot's (M³R) billboard technology opens the gate to this marketing sector. M³R gives you access to the revolutionary revolutionary world of indoor mobile marketing in the form of vibrant, illuminant mobile billboards.

        How can you capitalize on M³R key benefits?
        • Mobile:
        Allows you to connect with people instantly while they are in a shopping mood
        • Illumination:
        Features glowing double sided billboard, quality graphics and brilliant colors attract your customer’s eye

        • Navigation
        Can be controlled to easily maneuver through thick crowds
        • Audio
        Verbal communication from M³R makes your product irresistible
        Capture your consumer’s attention and generate lasting interest in your advertised message and brand. Easily glide through crowds and encourage an immediate ‘call to action’
        M³R technology revolutionizes the mobile billboard industry by providing a dynamic advertising solution that makes a lasting impression on consumers. With M³R, capture and keep your prospect’s attention.
        Consumers are faced with a barrage of easily overlooked forgettable advertisements. Not only is M³R immediately noticeable, its uniqueness ensures that its advertised message vividly stands out in consumers’ memory. M³R ensures that consumers remember and circulate your message
        Shedding Light: What industry experts say
        According to industry analysts, researchers, and trade representatives who have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards:
        Outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
        96% of survey respondents perceived mobile advertising as more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (Outdoor Advertising magazine)
        91% of the target market noticed text and graphics on moving truck advertising (3m and the American Trucking Association)
        On local traffic routes, exposure to mobile truck advertising ranged from one to four million hits (the Traffic Audit Bureau)
        94% of respondents recalled seeing a mobile billboard with 80% recalling the specific advertisement, This exposure resulted in a sales increase of 107% (Product acceptance and Research)
        Out-of-home advertising totaled nearly seven billion in annual revenues in 2008 in the U.S. alone (Outdoor Advertising Association of America

        Micro Mobile Marketing Robot (M³R) = Double your Success!
        The effectiveness of mobile advertising in terms of increasing exposure, capturing consumer attention, making a lasting impact on consumer memory and subsequent buying decisions, and dramatically increasing revenue has already been established in the outdoor sector. The wealth now lies in the indoor mobile marketing sector. M³R gives you access to this revolutionary new world of mobile marketing, and it is ready for you now. The results have already been guaranteed. Now, double them.
        On your mark, get set...
        Technical specifications
        The range of battery capacity is 50 miles per charge or 12 hours with all led lights and 4 brightn

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      • Sami Saydam new Media - SSMediaSami Saydam new Media - SSMedia

          Sami Saydam Media – SSMedia

          The idea is worldwide protected under UK-copyrights number 326448 on 2010.

          I have reached to an excellent idea for movies and video clips promotions, where its applications can attract more fans and prolonging the time broadcasting, therefore, more than ever in sales and yearly turnovers can reach to billions of dollars.
          It will be new style of promoting the films and songs which directing the most of the producers and singers to follow it in order to compete with others in the industry.
          The idea and its applications is registered as business plan and its applications under UK-copyrighted number 326448 on 2010 and covers international protection as well. It is 70 years of protected rights.

          The idea:
          It is simply to make the same new song (Video clips) and movie in theatres in many versions to broadcast them at the same times or in scheduled times table. Each version is for the same song and the same singer but with deferent styles like new dancing actions, new dancers, new clothing, new locations and new camera views and shots, new animations. The same for the movies; each version will still keep the same actors and scenarios but with deferent style like new locations, new clothing, new camera views and shots, new animations. Each version copy of the new song’s video clip or the new movie can be scheduled to be broadcasted at the same time with other versions in deferent TV channels or in deferent theatres or it can be scheduled in several times of broadcasts. The idea behind making many versions for one movie and or many video clips for one song is to attract more fans and movie’s watchers than before; the curiosity to watch the favourite singers and actors acting and singing the same song and movie but in deferent way and look within a short time is the major secret behind the success of this idea. The same singer is singing the same new song and the same actors are acting the same new movie but all in many deferent styles and animations within days or weeks or months is my new idea in the entertainment industry.

          The applications:
          The idea is transformed into business plan which is covering all of the details of possible abilities to form the idea into real applications.

          Implementation to the industry:
          To have this idea and its applications implemented into markets, we need to convince one or more famous singer and or film producer to apply it in their new movies or albums, then it will be well known and wanted style in the media industry with the time. Producers and singers will follow up this new promotional style to compete with others in the industry.
          I have to be ready with enough money to attract the new singers and producers to use my new applications. I will start to sponsor (2 – 3 versions of video clips) and I will have to sponsoring 2 or three deferent singers and songs. This method is for sure will enforce the idea into the market but it will be somehow costly at the beginning. This is why I have to offer 20% of my rights to a partner who can pay or cover these expenses for the cause of distributions and make it well known in the market. To sponsor 3 deferent songs for each famous singer and 3 video clips each, will need good sponsor but it will give the distribution quickly between the producers worldwide as new style.
          The estimated cost will be left to the new sponsor partner to calculate.

          The idea turnovers:
          After we enforce the new idea’s applications into the industry environments and it starts to be well known as new style of making movies and songs between producers and singers, I will start to promote my rights in using the applications, After some period of distribution where most of the producers and singers are competing with each others.

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        • Rubik\'s co-inventor\'s new toys and gamesRubik's co-inventor's new toys and games

            Mr. Rubik’s co-inventor’s box-type magic toys are very unique with their original construction (US Patent 5,184,822 and US 61/375,932).

            All toys shown on the video belong to one brand-new invention. A theoretically new method is used according to this invention for moving and rearranging the playing elements in a box. This allows creating big assortment of different challenging toys within the invention. Hopefully, similarly to the Rubik’s Cube many kinds of magic boxes will be born.

            Solution rules for all these toys are very new, special and challenging. One Swiss boy sad: This is like a mathematical Rubik’s Cube. The iPhone version has to be moved (manipulated) exactly the same way like the toy apparatus.

            If you can't see the videos please with Copy/Paste operation put the link into Google.

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          • Smart Safety Glove  Wrist band for motorcyclists bicyclists and pedestriansSmart Safety Glove Wrist band for motorcyclists...

              “Smart LED Safety Glove” or Wrist-band
              for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians (SLSG).

              Bicyclists, Motorcyclists and Snowmobile must use hand-signals in the USA and internationally.

              The problem is that you cannot always see the riders, especially at night.

              The SLSG is smart, self-activated low-cost CPU/MEM operated HD blinking LED lights, on a micro custom printed circuit board (PCB) all self contained in a glove. It will detect if you turn right or left or are stopping.

              The second function serves as a light beacon for bicycle rider and pedestrians who want the added security, where a light would blink ones short blink for every 2 seconds.

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            • 2010 Innovative Product Magnetic Soccer Table2010 Innovative Product Magnetic Soccer Table

                As you know,this year 2010 is year of FIFA world cup,football year !
                So we are glad to introduce an innovation for you, magnetic table soccer (foosball)
                which very different to traditional rod style, its magnetic control of player movement that is fast flexible freely to play court, so exciting and fun.Beside that , the player can dribble, pass, shoot, 30-40 kinds of available. The table could be played at home,park,sport bar etc, fit for kids and adult amusement, 1vs1,1vs2,2v2... to 4vs4 multiple play modes , so there obviously is huge potential market worldwide. Especially, exciting table game for football fans. Especially, our machine is not only fit for home amusement,but also good for bar,club as arcade machine when equipped with coin system.Now we're looking for intl agents and distributors join us.

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              • Cartoon Mold Casting Small Business Opportunities Of ChildrenCartoon Mold Casting Small Business Opportunities...

                  BRIEF INTRO
                  Our company meilinda arts bulit in 2003, locate in world famous city xian, mainly design and produce rubber and latex cartoon molds long term .Until now we’ve developed several series figures including cartoon stars, cute dolls, sport idols, art vase, mini house etc, hundreds of molds for choice. Then by using our latex molds ,you could DIY plaster statues correspondingly, easy to learn with our tech manual. That’s a low cost but profitable business for entrepreneur or investor.

                  1. Absolutely low investment required, usually several hundred dollars enough including tech and molds, low risk to start up.
                  2. Profitable coz the plaster material cost very little, but the finished statue could sell at least $3/unit, and average one person can make 50 statues per day by using our molds, so that’s big profit margins obviously.
                  3. Dealing in daytime and night, shop and booth as your mind, so flexible.
                  4. Huge market for choice, whoever children or adult is, wherever the present or gift store is, too many channel to deal.
                  5. Custom made optional, we could design and make the mold especially for you.

                  MULTI WAYS IN DEALING
                  1. You could retail or wholesale the finished statues for target market widely, tourism spots, gift or toy stores, shop near to school and so on.
                  2. You could startup a DIY painting bar, shop or booth for children amusement, supplying white statue and paints for themselves paint fun.
                  3. You could sell our cartoon molds too, develop franchise biz with brilliant idea. For example, you can make franchise or job advertisement “Repurchase Finished Statues In High Price”. Of course, if they are interested to make and sell statues, they have to learn the tech and buy the molds in advance…

                  If you still have any questions, welcome to contact us in details.

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                • Vertical Bicycle ParkingVertical Bicycle Parking

                    This project I designed to give maximum theft protection, damage protection and save the space more than 50% comparing with conventional bicycle parking system. This device is extendible from 1 to… and fits to any indoor or outdoor space. Product has full patent and industrial protection in EU and USA. All options are open for discussion, licence…

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